I didn’t see it coming…

Looking all dressed up I wait at the bus stop for my favorite bus driver.

Tik!tok! my watch ticks as I watch time go by. Impatient and anxious as I wait on. I stretch my head to look at the rare ends of the road, hoping to see the shadows of the bus as it drives in but nothing.

I can’t seat, yet standing is so uncomfortable and frustration creeps in, in fear of being fired for late coming. I stamp my feet and the frustration turns to anger.

What the hell is going on…

I notice a guy standing across the road stirring at me and it dawns on me I was drawing negative attention. So I try to calm down, seat, and wait for my bus driver.

As I seat, a note falls off and to distract myself I steal a look and it reads:

“…Dear ma’am, for some reasons the bus company has made some changes but if you look across the road, I’ll be standing there waiting for your signal. Just wave your hand and I will roll over.”

I jump up and wave so hard and he comes over in a fancy car… Now this is getting crazy , I said, a limousine to work?

Then he says “…not to work, but to your place of joy, for today you become a boss at my company and you will decide your paycheck. That is if you would be mine-not a condition but a token of love. I became a bus driver in search of a woman to call my own. I saw how you stood up  every time an elderly walked in; and watched you greet the beggars at the entrance of your block. I watched you smile warmly at me each time you came and stopped at nothing to to greet others.” You are the one I have been looking for…

Blushing, my hands cling to my chest and I said..I didn’t see this coming! Let’s see how it goes.


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