10 Common Make Up Errors Women Make

To have a flawless make up is an envy for most women. However even when we try hard, we end up with an uneven makeup that looks patchy and funny. If your make up doesn’t last long or doesn’t feel right, you are probably making one or more of these errors.

  1. Applying foundation on bare skin, without a primer: A primer smooths fine lines, large pores, wrinkles, and make pimples and black spots  appear less visible. Applying foundation on your face without a primer will make the foundation uneven and make your pores pop out of the make up. For better results, let the primer soak into your face for at least five minutes before applying your foundation.Image result for don't apply foundation on bare skin for black women
  2. Over use of Foundation: Don’t use foundation to cover up the spots and bumps because you may end up using too much and this will cause your make up to look unattractive. Thus use a foundation to even out your skin tone and use a concealer for the spots and the bumps.Related image
  3. Blending foundation in the wrong direction: The direction of your sponge or brush matters a lot for a smooth and flawless look. Always move from clockwise or inside-out and not the other way round. Thus start blending from the middle of your face in circular motion outwards as shown in the image below.
  4. Using the wrong color of concealer. It is true that your concealer has to be a shade or two lighter than your foundation, however, pay more attention to your facial coloration or better still the color of spots on your face and use a concealer that can hide them and blend in your foundation.  Failure to do so will result to something like in the image below.Related image
  5. Applying eye shadows without a base: The reason why your eye shadows don’t feel and look smooth is because you apply the eye shadows directly on your eye lids without first applying the base to prep the eyes. To fix this problem, you can purchase an eye shadow base or better still apply a nude color lightly on your eye lids before you apply your shadows, always moving from lighter shade to darker shade depending on your choices.Image result for common errors in eye makeup for black women
  6. Stretching your eye lids to draw your wing. This will make the wing uneven and both wings may not look identical. To fix this, use a small cardboard paper to trace the area and then draw the wing. Image result for common errors in makeup
  7. Applying lipstick directly on your lips without a base. This makes your lips look dry and cranky and the lipstick appear patchy. To fix this, prep your lips with a lip moisturizer and let it set for a few minutes before you apply your lipstick. This will make your lip feel soft and the lipstick will glow.Image result for common errors in makeup
  8. Using your brow pencil wrongly. Don’t draw the whole eye brow, because it will make the color too thick and your eye brow will seem artificial. You want to wear makeup and not look like a clown. Thus apply from the middle outward to the edges and use a brow brush to make it even.Image result for common errors in eyebrow makeup for black women
  9. Not setting your makeup. Your makeup efforts could be a total waste of time without using a finishing power to set it. In other words to keep it in place so that it doesn’t wear out a few hours after application. Thus use a translucent powder and brush on your makeup lightly for a long lasting effect. Without which you may end up like this…Image result for worn out makeup
  10. Over Using the finish powder. In as much as it is important to set your make up, don’t over use the finishing powder because you will ruin your makeup.Related image


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