15 Amazing Quotes on Self Motivation.

Self motivation is a powerful tool for self development and the best source of self motivation should come from within. When motivation comes from within, it last longer than any sort which comes from outside forces. Below are some amazing quotes to help you tap in to your strength and build or boost self motivation. To make the most of them, you have to make them a part of you by constantly reminding yourself of them when low moments strike.

  1. Your mind is your farmland. It can grow any seed you plant on it. Thus, plant the right seeds to enjoy a good harvest.

  2.  Never listen to people who say you “can not” because they lack the guts you have and people without guts are not a source of encouragement.

  3. Don’t play the pity game because it often translates to disgust. Anyone who stays with you out of pity will leave you out of disgust.

  4. Don’t waste time trying to explain why you do the things you do. Explanations never work. Just show them how to be you.

  5. You can not be a leader in another man’s field because your seeds can not grow in his soil. Find your own field and you will lead with joy.

  6. Appreciate your struggles and trust God for the reward of your efforts. Greatness comes with a process, so be patient.

  7. Your dreams are useless without your talents. So while you dream, find the talents, for that is how to bring it to manifestation.

  8. The trials you face are not meant to kill, but to build you in your areas of weakness. Find the weakness and your strength would be restored.

  9. There is a lesson in every challenge you face. Don’t spend time on the hardship, but focus on the learning point.

  10. Don’t be overly cautious because you are unconsciously exposing your fears to your enemies.

  11. All the time you spent in complaints, would have taken you a step closer to your promotion if you had spent it in praise and appreciation instead.

  12. To grow from childhood to adulthood, takes a series of changes in body from stage to stage. Don’t expect your dreams to be anything different, for there is a process to everything.

  13. Let go of the hurt that burdens your heart because that is where your breakthrough is. Your wealth is always wrapped in your pain.

  14. You must let go of a vice to receive a virtue. To receive a blessing, you must let go of the curse and everything that burdens the heart is a curse.

  15. “Whatever is said against you is useless, unless you give it authority to manifest over your life, by worrying about it.”

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