15 Creative Date Ideas

The conventional outing to a bar or a restaurant is something everyone thinks off when planning a date. There is nothing wrong with going to a bar or a restaurant for a date but you would agree with me that it would become staled with time. You can’t keep taking your date to a bar or restaurant at every outing.

We have figured out some out of the box ideas that create excitement. Here are a few creative date ideas you will definitely thank us for.


1. Go on a picnic: Get some good stuff (food and drinks, snacks as you desire and even a grill) and get on to some place for just two. Set it up and enjoy.

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2. Take a walk to some place: decide on a particular place you would like to see and walk to it. This is not a workout so no rush and no long steps. Take it slowly if you know what I mean.

3. Go dancing: You can go clubbing or take a dance class for two. This is not the regular clubbing when you invite your friends to go along. Just two of you and when you get there, knock it out together.

4. Stargazing: This is so sweet. Sit out at night just the two of you, in any comfortable position without interruption from third parties, and just admire the stars and talk to each other.

5. Recreate your first date: Remember that first date and how the butterflies yanked in your tummy? Go back to that same place and enjoy the memories. Awesome idea for people celebrating anniversaries.

6. Go to the museum: You can visit a museum of similar interest and enjoy the stories together. It can be something close to local or national history etc.

7. Take a road trip: Drive to some place together. The journey should not be too long because you may get tired and the person not driving may fall asleep and spoil the show. The a trip that is good enough for a good conversation.

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8. Stay at home: This may sound funny right? I get it. A date at home is also awesome if you both treat it as one. It is not time to finish your work in the office or continue work on your laptop or answer all the phone calls. Switch off all phones if possible, but make sure there is no third party. Get a good meal, a good game or movie, and some wine. That is how to have a date at home.

9. Weekend Get Away: This is awesome. Get everyone out of your way and all the chores catered for. Just go some where, eat, wine, and just have fun without worrying about cleaning etc. An excellent activity for a get away would be to get a massage for two.

10. Go for a concert/party: Buy a ticket to some concert or movie lunch, or a party and go have fun.

11. Give yourselves a treat: Take each other for a shopping spray. Go buy yourselves some good stuff. I am not talking about groceries. Buy that dress you have admired for so long while he gets that shirt he likes as well and be each other’s mirror.

12. TakeĀ  workout lesson: This can be a gym, jogging, etc. Just go burn some calories together and walk back home.

13. Do a DIY project together: How about doing something that requires a joined effort? like painting some place at home?

14. Bake a cake or cookies: This can be so much fun especially if you are baking something you both like.

15. Champagne in bed: Just take a good bath together, serve some champagne in bed and just talk without getting touchy. This is not the time to solve problems or recall hurtful memories. Use it to just appreciate each other and share your dreams and milestones with each other.

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