The Power of Giving

Giving is the silent communication between you and nature. It is a powerful principle to live by because it always comes with a reward. Give and you will never lack because your action silently communicates your needs and hearts desires with nature and it will respond to it.   Showing kindness and love to others in need by lending a helping hand causes nature to work in your favour.

Life is about give and take. To take from it, you must give to it. When you give to others, the gap which their lack created in the universe is closed and you get a reward for that effort.

This makes giving very important for all who want to be successful. But giving with selfish intentions will never bring you a fulfilling reward because nature will respond to the selfishness of your heart. You can not cheat nature. Thus you can not give money hoping for a good name and get money in return. That is why some people give alms, do charity, pay tithes but are still living in poverty. The intentions in your heart when you are giving are exactly what you will get as a reward. If you want a good name, you will get applause and recognition from those to whom you give. If you want money so that

you might always have more than enough to be generous at all times, you will get money in return.

If you give for love, you will get love in return and remember that love is the biggest reward of all because it comes with everything (joy, happiness and peace)

Don’t wait until you amass wealth before you learn the art of giving because you might never get the chance. If you can not give a penny, you would not give a thousand.

When you give, give for love so that you will receive love in return. Love comes with riches, joy and happiness which are all qualities of a successful and happy life. Giving out of love means giving yourself because with love you share what is of value to you.

The hand that gives right, always has enough room to receive a reward. Because giving opens the way for receiving. Water can only be filled into an empty cup. The right kind of giving always comes with a reward .It  is an act of love and love is what we have all been charged with as humans. True giving is what spreads the love of God here on earth. So give and do it right

By Kizito Njah (Singapore)

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