Use Meditation To Find Your Path

Sometimes when you are pushed to the wall and can’t find a way out, all you need is a quiet moment with your Creator. A soul searching moment. A time to redress your steps and seek your purpose in life. During such times, meditation is the key. A lone moment when you let your spirit reveal and lead you to God’s plans for your life. Meditation is the ability to connect with your spirit in communication with God. It unites the body, mind and spirit and thus we receive abundant grace. In meditation we renew our minds and deepen our focus on our believes.  It refreshes your body and boost your energy levels. Meditation can also bring healing to the body, mind and spirit. “In meditation, healing can happen. When the mind is calm, alert and totally contented, it is like a laser beam – it is very powerful and healing can happen.” – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

How to Meditate

Step 1Choose a quiet location: Meditation is most effective in serene environment wherein there is no distraction. This is because it will help you to build and maintain focus.
Step 2- Surrender: Submit to God and invite Him to unite with your spirit. It is very important to invoke the presence of the Holy Spirit at this point so that you do not get negative intrusion from other forces.

Step3-Relax: Endeavour to sit in the position most comfortable for you but avoid positions that will make you fall asleep because you want to be alert and awake. With your eyes closed, feel your breath as you breathe in and out. Don’t worry about the many thoughts that are likely to surface. Just bring your mind back to the sound of your breadth and feel it.

Step4-Open your mind and speak your heart: When you feel relaxed and all you can hear inside of you is your breath, open your mind and speak your heart from within. Make your request. Let your spirit (your higher self) speak for you. Visualize the beautiful light of God which you are calling down on you and feel it entering your spirit. Then from your spirit, envision this light showering your whole body like a waterfall of light.  Let it bath your entire being . Give permission for the light of God to touch every part of you. And feel Him blessing you.

Step5-Express Gratitude: When you are done receiving, finish your meditation, by expressing gratitude to God for what you have received. Gently come back into your earth consciousness empowered with the light of God. Enjoy the refreshing feeling and remain in that positive mood so as to use what you have received to fulfill you potential and purpose.


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