How to Attract The Relationships You Desire

  Relationships are meant to complement our lives but very often we find ourselves in relationships that either cause us frustrations or don’t match our desires. In everything we do, we attract but some of us find ourselves continuously attracting the people we don’t like. The people you attract to your life is a reflection of your of predominant thoughts. Unfortunately for some people who have not found out ways of controlling their fears, such thoughts are made up of these fears and they attract just want they dislike or despise.

In most cases for those who are just settling for what is available, their ideal partner is no where close to whom they are with and the big questions is why? The reason is we attract what our minds dwell on and not what our mouths speak of.

Thus if you want a relationship that adds value to your life, you should not spend time concentrating on your imperfections or fears because such thoughts will only attract the kind of people who share your imperfections and fears.

The three  Most Important things to DO

  • Re-value yourself: This is about measuring self worth by your inner qualities and not your physical attributes. This will boost your confidence and gradually shift your focus from poor judgment to confidence and high self esteem. Such an attitude will attract those who feel like you . People who are confident and have a great self esteem. Such people are often positive in nature and will add more value on your life.
  • Detox your mind: Free yourself of your fears by looking for God’s words that speak light and hope on to those fears. This is what makes the bible a true manual for good living because it has a word for every situation you could ever face or fear. As you do so, welcome thoughts of love and protection from God.Surrender to him and allow Him to protect you. Be grateful for who you are and all you have no matter how small and remember that if you are a child of God, you operate under abundance. In order what, all you can ever wish for or desire has already been created. So train your mind to accept this and your spirit will receive it for you. With this kind of mindset, you would see a difference in the kind of people you attract and with such positive energy around you, you would attract your ideal relationship.
  • Find what makes you happy: If you need a relationship in order to be happy, you may find yourself in similar frustrating experiences with people. That is because no one is responsible for your happiness and putting this need on others would make you a burden no one wants to carry.  If you build your happiness on a relationship, when low moments set in, you would break and this can cause you a lot of frustrations. Thus, find that thing that makes you happy and build appreciation and gratitude for it. This would  make you noticed by the kind of people you desire. People who are contented and confident. When confidence and gratitude meets, the result is inner peace.



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