3 Reasons to Love Yourself

The love for self is Divine because it aligns us with the will of  the Creator in our lives. Some times in life, we find ourselves struggling with who we are. Very often we are in denial  and desperately want to be  others and could go to the extreme just to achieve this. Some people wish for some particular body types while others wish for a particular look or appearance. Living in denial of who you are is among life’s biggest sources of frustrations. You may find yourself settling for whatever is available or doing stuff that compromise your purpose and such actions continuously keep your your spirit at war with your mind. Your spirit knows who you are, and why you are here on earth and when you engage in stuff that contradicts this knowledge, your spirit fights your mind for feeding you with misinformation. It is for such reasons that even when you finally get yourself to be who and what you were not, you still can’t find peace deep inside of you.

Reasons why you should love yourself…

  • You are wonderfully and fearfully made: We are told that we are all made in the image and likeness of God. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, or whether you think you originated from an ape. The fact that remains is that you were created and the Creator formed you in his image and likeness. That is to say you are a reflection of divinity which means you are complete. Thus don’t be bothered by who you are not and start living in appreciation of who you are because you do not need what you do not have to be who you are. Rather , all that you have is what you need to be who you were meant to be. So love it. That is the way to inner peace. Many who have tried to be what they were not have ended up battling endless inner battles. There is nothing as frustrating as being at war with your own self. It doesn’t matter what you tell yourself on the outside, you know what lies in the depth of your heart. It doesn’t matter how much your mind convinces you, it knows exactly what the spirit expects of it.
  • You have a purpose to fulfill: No one was sent to this earth without a mission. Your body mind and soul were designed to fulfill your unique purpose on this earth and you need to find that purpose. Don’t try to be someone else because you cannot use what they have  to fulfill your own mission. It would be like putting an animal’s heart in a human being and such a person will not survive because the animal heart cannot sustain the full functions of a human being. Thus take a moment and find what your purpose is and you would realize that you have been specially made to fulfill that purpose. Remember that everything that is on this earth has a purpose and so too are you. For example, the animals, to serve you in the ways you please-be it as food, raw material, or keep you company etc. Trees, to purify the air and also serve you as food, shelter etc. and each of these fulfill their purpose on a daily basis. What about you? Instead of trying to be someone else, remember you also have a purpose waiting for you.
  • You are a magnate: You have been designed to attract the things you desire be it tangible or intangible things. The one who made you, made everything else around you and He made them in abundance such that it is more than enough for all on this earth. Loving yourself puts you in the position to receive because you align with your purpose. When you love yourself, you are unconsciously accepting the creator and your spirit who knows the creator and His plans for you, receives that which you need to fulfill your purpose.

Your life is like a garden and what you harvest would depend on what you plant. But if you try to transform a garden into a swimming pool, it would never produce plants because seeds cannot grow in clear water. Thus love who you are for you are special.

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