Overcoming Fears: 3 Ways To Go About It

Living in fear is living in illusion and always hoping for the worst to happen. Fear creates negative expectations in the mind and invites circumstances that relate to it. When you are crowded by fear, you are living in darkness.  Darkness here doesn’t mean absence of day light but rather it means living in ignorance.   Fear is the major reason why many people do not realize their dreams in life and many others never get to appreciate the beauty of life. Overcoming fear or taking control over your fears is an important part of self improvement and growth because being in control of your fears is equivalent to  confidence in who you are and your purpose in life. Thus, whether it is fear of failure, lack, sickness; disappointment, etc, we all need to summon the courage to face our fears and take control over them. Such is the only way to bring relieve to your self.

3 Ways on how to overcome fear:

  • Get rid of your worries: Fear is a byproduct of worries that come from the tons of negative thoughts we harbor in our minds.  Worries only help to fill the mind with toxins that leave you feeling sad or depressed, unable to face life and live in blames. No one ever solved a problem by worrying about them. Rather solve issues by always figuring out the lessons in them. Every negative situation we face has a lesson. If it were not so, God will not let it happen. It is only when you find a lesson in every obstacle that you will see very clearly the way forward to it. For example, if you worry about your finances and live in fear of lack, look at the financial crisis you are facing and you will find the lessons in them. It could be misuse of resources, craftiness among others. Find the lessons and you will see the way forward that will help improve the situation. Avoid worries because they only bring in more fears and create negative expectations in you.  Besides, whatever has happened has happened so stop worrying over spilled milk and find a way forward.
  • Arrow phrases:  This is about finding particular phrases that contradict your  fears and create hope in you. Phrases that transform your negative expectations into positive ones.  This is where the Bible comes in. For those who do not belief in God, it is rather unfortunate because the word of God has a promise of hope for every situation you can ever face and the word of God is definitely stronger than yours. Thus it is wise to use it. When those fears show up, especially those ones that make you feel arrested within, get to those words and use them. One thing you must know is that a fear will not disappear if there is no harmony between the words you speak and your belief. To find such harmony, you need to keep affirming until you belief. When you can feel the peace in the words, they become a weapon, and act as a sword you can use to strike your fears. It is interesting how fears are taken in captivity with the right arrow phrases.  Remember that the words spoken against one fear may not have the same impact on another fear. So always find words and phrases that are particular and speak hope on particular fears. For example, say your fear was the fear of sickness, a good phrase could be “I shall prosper and live in good health…” 3 John1:2. If it’s finance, you can also use “My God will supply all my needs in great abundance, according to His riches…”Philippians 4:19
  • Focus on the opposite: Sometimes it might take a while to find a particular word or phrase against a fear especially when the use of a bible is new concept to you.  When such is the case, you can take control over those fears when they shows up by immediately asking yourself what the opposite of it is. For example, if you fear lack and each time you’re about to do something with money and the fear come in, ask yourself what the opposite of lack is.  The response is obvious because the opposite of lack is abundance.  So strike back with abundance and thoughts of abundance and ask yourself how your life would be like living in abundance. It may sound crazy at first but it works pretty well. Do same for all other fears and negative thoughts when they show up, as you work on finding particular phrases that will shut them up.

Nothing good can come out of fears so don’t be comfortable with them. Take the courage and put them under control without which they will control you and make life a hell hole.

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