5 Great Ways of Saying Thank you.

Saying “Thank you” is more than just a cutesy. It makes people feel loved and motivated. It is a simple act that has a great outcome to both the receiver and the giver. “Thank you” should be said even when you are paying for the service or product you are receiving. It is rather unfortunate that some people minimize its value.  Instead of appreciating the efforts of others, they will make excuses for not doing so and worst still consider the service of others as a duty to them. If you can’t say it for whatever reasons, you can at least act it in one way or the other.

Simple but meaningful ways of saying thank you

  • A hug: Hugs are warm and they make the receiver feel like their efforts are being appreciated.

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  • A hand shake. A firm hand shake feels like a reward for an achievement.

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  • A smile: Sometimes just a warm broad smile speaks volumes.

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  • A pat on the back: This feels like encouragement and motivation to do more.

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  • Kind words: Kind words motivate anyone. Words as simple as “ you are my rock”, or “ I knew I could count on you “etc.

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It’s never too small or too late to appreciate people for the things they do. Let me use this opportunity to thank all of you who take out time to visit my blog. THANK YOU

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    • Thank you for stopping by. First of all you are straight and that is what you should tell yourself. You know why, because the one who made you is NEVER confused. To enjoy being told stuff is not a sign of weakness.
      Your mind is a battle field. If you let thoughts of weakness win the battle, you would exhibit weakness. If you let thoughts of grace win, you exhibit grace as well. Being confused, bisexual etc does not reflect the beauty, splendor, majesty and power of the One who created you. Don’t let the media feed you with junk.

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