7 Simple Steps to Self Evaluation.

Self-evaluation paves the way to inevitable success. So many times, we go about life, never looking at our lives and how to make it better. Rather we just live by the day, continuously making exuces for the things that don’t go well yet never doing nothing to fix it.  Such is the reason why many people turn to believe the things people say about them especially the negative things; because they have no clue about themselves and how to differentiate between thier weakness and their strengths. Below are reasons why you should go down the road of your life; as well as ways to do it right.

Reasons for a self evaluation:

Self Discovery:

Self-evaluation, will lead you to discovering who you truly are. There are tons of qualities in people which often go to the grave undiscovered.But a journey to self will unvocer them.  It helps you understand your weaknesses better and possible trigers that bring out the worst in you. By this you will be able to manage yourself better, especially in cases were anger and other vices are among such weaknesses.

Self Appreciation:

It is common to find people who don’t think good about themselves. But self evaluation can bring out that side of you which can make you smile. The goodness in you, as well as your potentials. This will cause you to better appreciate yourself and your Worth.

Increase your level of awarness:

 No one truly knows who they are and what they are worth until they are able to connect with God. An effective self evaluation often brings poeople to this consciousness and deepens their understanding of life and the reason behind thier existence.

Unlocks your life purpose:

When you connect with God, you gain access to your life purpose.  Every time you take a journey to self, it brings you closer to God and this spiritual contact brings forth tons of revelation which many times includes your life purpose.

True Happiness;

Self evaluation opens the doors to your inner abilities and it becomes a source of inner stength which is true happiness. You become contented with who you are and your approach to life changes for the better. Your priorities improve and you appreciate your journey in life, especially your sh irrespective of the size as you walk your own path. Happiness is something everyone looks for but the unfortunate thing is that many people go looking for it in all places but in themselves. True happiness is not broken once found because the things that build it are not things that come from outside sources. Thus take a moment for yourself and tap in deep.

Improves upon your expériences in life.

When you fix yourself, all else around you will fall in place. You may be irritated by the things around your but do you ever wonder if  your expérience is an exact reflection of your lifestyle? Most times, the problem is not the world, but us. thus when we improve, all else around us improves too.

A simple but effective excercise for self-evaluation.

  1. Write down the things you love about yourself. This includes your values, prinicples, the things you see in the Mirror, the way you feel about yourself and the the way you treat yourself. How about the way you treat others, and respond to situations?
  2. On another page, write the things you don’t like about yourself. This includes everything nasty, from bad habits. and attitudes to things you see in the M
  3. Read through the things you don’t like, and write down the things you feel you can change from the list of things. This should include only the things you can change by your effort.
  4. Also write down the things you think you can not change and write why you think you can not change them.
  5. As you do all these, embrace every emotion that comes with it and be honest to yourself. When you are done writing all these, go to a new page and write possible ways you can change the things you can change and set a time line to revisit that book to if any progress has been made.
  6. As for the things you like about self, read them aloud to yourself everyday to remind yourself of the goodness in you, as you make the neccessary efforts of improving upon the side of you which don’t make you proud.

Good luck as you discover yourself.

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