7 Signs Your Friendship Sucks

A healthy friendship is one that complements one’s life. It adds value to your life and makes up for your shortcomings in a way because the strengths of a true friend makes up for your weaknesses. Most people suceed in life thanks to their circle of friends. If you are surrounded by true friends, you are sure to grow because they will always have your back and bring out the best in you. When a friendship is lacking in these aspects, it is considered unhealthy or selfish etc.  It is better to be an island than to be surrounded by betrayers or false and selfish people. You have as much right to drop the bad ones as you keep the good ones.

7 Red Flags In Friendships.

You pay the bills all the time:

When you find yourself always on the payment side you need to analyze the situation. It is okay to do the payments if your friend truly can not afford but if you both have the same financial strength, you should take turns in paying the bills. Without which you should raise an eye brow. You are being exploited.

You do the calling:

Friends should check on each other. If you find yourself always doing the calling and checking, raise an alarm because that is a problem. You should both take the responsibility of checking on each other.

They talk behind your back.

A true friend tells you the shit you are made off but defends you in public. A bad friend talks about you behind your back and even calls you names but infront you they sing your praises. If you have a friend who never sees anything wrong with you, hit on the STOP button because he/she is fake.

You take all the initiatives.

Fun is something that friends like to share. If hanging out is always your idea, know that there is a problem. Hanging out doesn’t necessarily mean going to outdoor activities. It could be a simple home invitation. If you find yourself always on the initiative without any form of support from the other person, you have a right to frown and draw the other person to notice

Your friend cannot confide in you.

True friends confide in each other. If someone is your friend and you find yourself confiding in them but they never confide in you, see that as a red flag. You stand a risk of being betrayed tomorrow.

Your friend calls you only in times of need.

If you have a friend who only reaches out to you when in need of something, you should raise an eyebrow because such a person is not a true friend. You should beware of such friendship.

Your friend doesn’t like hanging out with you.

A true friend wants you to be a part of their life and is proud to tell the world about it. If you have a friend who doesn’t invite you at all, beware because it only means two things-they are either not comfortable with people seeing them with you,  or they are not comfortable around you.

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