The Other side of Attitude. 5 Reasons Why People Become Difficult

 Attitude issues never bring anything good to anyone’s life. Rather they chase away the things we desire and bring forth only the things we dislike. To have an attitude problem is to behavioral issues that make you unaccomodating and difficult to deal with. For example, being rude and arrogant, self centered, overly critical, snobbish, etc. Below are common reasons why some people develop an attitude

  1. Childhood Experiences. Some people grew up in very messy situations. Some were never given freedom of expression and so grew up without an outlet for everyday crisis. Others were molested and had no one to run to and as such withdrew from the world. Because of such reasons and more, some built walls around them as a means of self-protection, and adopted irritating behaviors as source of strength.
  2. Heartbreak. Emotional breakdown could cause people to develop an attitude. It could come from various reasons but most commonly is the hurt from a broken relationship. Most times, people are likely to develop an attitude issue after disappointment. Their sad experiences make them build a tough approach to the outside world as their own form of self- defense and control. Such toughness comes with arrogance, rudeness and other behavioral vices.
  3. Fear of the unknown. The pains of past experiences can make people live in fear of a recurrence thus turn to be overly precautious towards others.  To such people, being nice to people may be opening the doors to a repeat of thier nightmare and could also make them seem vulnerable. The fear of losing control keeps them in strong doubt of everyone around them and the way out is a tough front with an attitude to scare people away.
  4. Low Self Esteem. Low self esteem is one of those reasons why some people develop an attitude. Their condescending and pretentious nature is a way of hiding the real problem inside of them. Such people could appear very pushy, nosy and pompous.  They have a tendency of blaming everyone for every thing but themselves and when people point out their errors, they misinteprete it for hatred towards them.

How to solve attitude issues

Self-evaluation: Take a moment to evaluate your behaviour towards others, taking into consideration the common complaints people make about you. If many people make a similar complaint about you, take a moment to assess the situation or behaviour. Everyone cannot complaint about the same thing if there was no cause for alarm.

Find your inner strength. Your inner strength will lead you to inner peace and this will make you willingly break the high walls you have built. To find your inner strength is to find your true source of happiness. Happiness that comes from within never breaks. It is like a house built on solid rock.

Self –discovery: This is about digging deep into your inner self to unveil your passion and abilities. It is about finding your worth, knowing who you truly are and discovering your potentials. A true knowledge of self will boost your self-esteem and boost your ability to socialize with others without the fear of appearing weak or losing control. It will help you fix your inner issues and everything else will adjust to the new you.

Positive mindedness. This is to expect the positive in life amidst all the ugly you might have experienced. Don’t judge the whole world by the same standard. There are still good people walking the face of the earth and you might chase them away if you don’t get rid of the attitude.

Forgive: Sometimes the chains holding you down is unforgiveness. Letting go of all the unpleasant past could be the only way to open the doors to a new beginning. Forgive those who hurt you and forgive yourself if at all you had any blame in the situations that occured. The wounds will not heal without your permission and forgiveness is the permission it needs to heal.


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