3 Morning Routines For a Better Day

Man has no control of what happens within the day but he can control how he is affected by the things that happen. Each day comes with its own ups and downs which are known only to God  because He is the Creator. However, man has been given the ability and the free will to decide how to go through each day. Whether a day is good or bad depends on individual judgment but some people have mastered the art of walking through each day successfully such that even when faced with the huddles of the day, they pass through triumphantly.

Below are some key morning routines that will guarantee a better day, giving you the grace to enjoy the goodness that comes with each day and the courage to confront the challenges of the day successfully.

  1. Smile: Smiling is the best gift anyone can give to self. It sets the tone for your moods and makes you feel good about yourself. Smile is contagious and can influence those around you positively. Have you ever walked into a room filled with people and you smiled and realized that others smiled back at you even unconsciously? A single smile can boost your confidence from zero level to 10. People who smile a lot are slow to anger and carry such positive energy in them. Thus wear a smile on your face every morning long enough to make you feel good for the day. Smile at those you meet and you will be surprised at how much favour you can get from your environment-family, friends, colleagues and clients. A simple smile can transform your moody day into a happy one.
  2. Flashback: This is like doing a personal recap of the previous day. Focus more on the happy memories of the previous day. The things you did successfully; the favours you got from others, the good business deal, the challenges you overcame, your confidence, the beautiful clothes you wore and the complements you got etc. This will generate positive feelings in you. The feeling of success which you need to go through the day triumphantly. When you focus more on the things that worked, you are filled with hope for another successful day. It gives you the top of the world moment. It also helps you carefully plan your days activities and the kind people you would desire for the day.
  3. Prayer and Affirmations.  It is wise to start each day in prayer and thanks giving. Thank God for the peace of the night and the gift of another day. Pray about your activities for the day and commit them unto the Lord. This is because you have no idea of what goes on around you in the unseen spiritual realm and so entrusting your day in the hands of God is like giving authority to God to be in charge. Remember He needs you to give Him that authority for He will not force himself on anyone. When prayer is done, do your affirmations with words that claim your daily success.  For example, “

“…Today I shall be loved by all I meet”


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