Everyone has a dream for tomorrow. We are all ambitious and desire big things for the future. The only difference is that some pursue that dream to the end while others never. Some walk the talk while others only talk the talk. Those who walk the talk, walk it as they talk it. While those who talk the talk, procastinate as they talk and tomorrow never seems to end.

Below are some of the things that kill ambitions.


Worries kill ambitions because they derail your mind from a useful thoughts that bring about creativity.When your mind feels pressurized or tensed due to unfavorable situations you turn to forget all other plans in life and concentrate on the one that tortures you. Stress makes people spend valuable time in worries. A mind that is always worried is never productive. Imagine the number of hours spent on the things you cannot change, being invested into things you can actually change. That will definitely make a difference.

Bad company: 

We are a product of the company we keep. A good company will have a positive influence in your life while a bad company will have a negative influence in your life.The people you spend most of your time with will either make you or mar you. Some people are have no drive at all and live by the day. A company of such people will the motivation you have towards your goal.


These are negative people who never see anything good in you. For varied reasons, they will keep you down with discouraging words. These are people who are always out to tell you what you cannot do and will never encourage you. Such people who see only the negative in every situation will never encourage you to follow your dreams. Hanging around them drains you of every energy and of all the motivation left in you.

How to follow your dreams.

Write them down.

Writing down your dreams will keep them always fresh in your mind. It will slowly build commitment to them and a lot more can come from this single step alone.

Don’t share the process, share the success.

Avoid letting people in on your dreams or goals when you have not started out. The reason is because 95% of those with whom you share your dreams will discourage you either by telling you its bigger than you or it woun’t work.

Work on it.

Do something about your dreams every sinle day. make a move on your big goal every single day, no matter how small.

Filter your social circle.

Put yourself in the right environment that can contribute to your growth. Be arounf the kind of people who encourage one another and who are positive minded. People who will help you face the challenges with determination



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