3 Unconventional Tips of Forgiving & Letting Go

Forgiveness is the only way to heal a broken heart and a troubled mind. Below are a few tips on how to do it.


Decide to forgive: Forgiveness is a choice you make when you think it is time to move on. This decision takes your mind to understand the purpose for it and your heart to accept the need for it as well.

Don’t try to forget the people, rather forget the hurt: It is almost impossible to forget your offenders. You should rather let go of the hurt by focusing on the lessons from it, no matter how small. The more you do this, the lesson will grow until it becomes bigger than the pain and that way you can easily let go of it.

Don’t force your offenders to apologize. If you insist on an apology from your offenders, you might end up more miserable than before. Rather just focus on you and let them be. When you finally let go of the hurt, they will respond with an apology. The reason is because by letting go, you unconsciously stir up the good in them that brings them to the consciousness of their wrong and make them remorseful. No one can cheat nature.

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