5 Minutes Before Bedtime

The last minutes of the day before sleep can set the tone for the following day. This is because the way you end your day will determine the mood in which you start off a new day.  You either wake up frowning at the leftover frustrations you didn’t let go off or you wake in bliss,and  full of hope.

The period before sleep is the most important period of your day because it is the moment when you feed your subconscious mind the most. It is like an unconscious communication with yourself and your inner dialogues at this point have such powerful influence over you. In my opinion this is like the most fertile period of the your daily life. The thoughts you entertain during this moment are like seeds you sow into a fertile soil because it sinks deep into your subconscious mind and will bare fruits which are either good or bad.

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Have you ever wondered why sometimes you wake up in a very sour mood and can’t explain why you feel that way? During such moments think about your last thoughts before you slept off and you would notice that they were not happy ones. Same is true for the days you wake up feeling all exited, happy, and thankful. Your last thoughts were mostly happy ones and the result was a state of joy when you awoke.

How to impact your life with last minutes before Sleep.

  • Do a flashback of the days activities. Look at the things that didn’t go well and if it was your fault, accept it and promise yourself to be better. If it was the fault of others, forgive them and promise yourself to let go by releasing them off your mind. As you do this, let go of the bitterness and the frustrations of that day.
  • Gradually switch to the things that went well and if you can’t find any for that day, replay any happy memory you have or think of anything you are grateful for. Now express gratitude and tell of what you wish God to do for you, with your mind focusing on the end result. For example, if you want a job, say it with your mind imagining a job offer and a dream office. As you you do this, you are likely to fall asleep in that state of peace and expectation.

Your subconscious mind ( your soul) cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination. These emotions and desires you entertain as you fall asleep, sink deep into your subconscious mind and puts your spirit to work. God wills for man to live in good health and prosperity. Your spirit has knowledge of this and as such communicates your desires and expectations with God. When you focus on happy thoughts, you abide with God’s will for you and this excites the spirit and puts it in control.

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 A grateful heart harbors, a happy mind and such positive attitude your spirit obtains God’s abundant grace and favor for you, bringing your expectations to pass, transforming your imaginations to reality. Remember when praises go up, blessings come down. However, in negative thoughts, you are unconsciously in denial of God’s plans for you and this attitude leaves you to yourself as your spirit remains dormant. Without the aid of your spirit, you live in continuous darkness and darkness attracts all other forms of darkness

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