5 Things That Would Make A Good Woman Cheat.

In a relationship, women want a complete package that comprises of  intimacy,  attention, respect and financial security. They want the kind of guy who is hard, naughty and sweet-all in one deal. You can’t blame women for wanting all of these because they have frequent mood swings and so need these characteristics from any guy in their lives to constantly keep a balance. So if a guy wants a secured relationship without interference he has got to check on the following.

  1. Lack of attention: Attention is a must have for most women. This means listening to her when she talks and be there when she needs you. When you are with her, treat her like the world revolves around her. Mind you she doesn’t want you to be possessive and follow her around. She just wants you to be there when she needs you. A woman can not compromise attention for anything in a true relationship because in the absence of it she would break down completely. The right attention comes with everything good like the sweet names, the gifts, the jokes, the advice, the pampering, the intimacy etc. So the absence of it is a recipe for disaster and she’ll definitely look for it elsewhere.
  2. Absence of complements: Complements boost a woman’s confidence and self esteem and above all, they make her feel much secured. The guy, who complements her on her looks, is always the ideal man to hang around with. Lack of complements makes a woman feel less appreciated and this will play significantly on her confidence and self esteem. Whoever is out there with a solution to this becomes the next “guy”. When complements meet a needy woman repeatedly by the same guy, she is likely to cheat.
  3. Lack of touchiness: Women are like the cute little Chiwawa dog that is likely to die if it is not touched. Touchiness is the main language of love women understand. A woman wants to be touched, kissed and hugged because these comfort and calm her in her series of mood swings. In fact she will appreciate a touchy man who just understands how to respond to her moods with the right hugs, kisses etc without necessarily taking her to bed. You can’t say you love a woman and you don’t do these things. She will never feel secured because to women, touchiness is a show of love and a proof of attention. It’s all about comfort, sweet and breezy.
  4. Abusive men: Abusive relationships are not only those with physical violence. There is emotional abuse which is what most women suffer from nowadays. Name-calling, rude and impolite talking, emotional neglect, are all forms of abuse in a relationship. A women who is faced with such situations is very likely to seek solace in the hands of the guy who offers her any form of comfort.
  5. Financial security:  Though this may sound very important, women who are financially independent can compromise it. The world today is an enabling one for both men and women and as such more and more women are gaining financial independence. Thus most women don’t need a man for what his wallet can offer. However, a woman wants to be taken out, offered gifts no matter how small because these things complement the relationship. This is what makes financial security very important.

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