5 Things Mindful People Do Differently

To be mindful is to be conscious of who you are and how your actions influence your daily expériences. There are certain things you can ignore in life and get away with them but there are others you could never ignore because the consequences will throw you off balance. Below are some things mindful people do differently

Dress Right:

Your outfit is a miniature of who you are. There is a popular adage that says “dress as you want to be addressed.” Don’t be shabby looking and frown when people look down on you. You might be smart in the mind but remember no one lives in your head. Thus don’t assume what you are not presenting. If you want to be treated with respect, be decent.

Be Gentle

Avoid confrontation in your conversations because they never pass the message across.  Speak then to people as you would want to be spoken to. You may have a have a loud tone but there is a difference between being loud and being rude. Be mindful of where you are and tone down if you have  loud voice or tone up if you have a low voice because either way can be seen as rude or snobbish..

Have a Positive Attitude:

Your attitude is everything.  Your attitude speaks louder than words. The way you respond to situations determines the course of it. If you choose to see the bad and ugly, you stir that up in everything and everyone else around you. But if you decide to see the good, you activate goodness in everything else around you. That is why it is often said what you see determines what you get.

Show Appreciation:

Be appreciative of who you are and what you have because the things you take for granted, are gold and silver to other people. Be quick to thank others for every little kindness shown to you, even for the services you pay for. Above all, never go a day without thanking God for everything especially for the air you breath. Some people are currently in the hospital paying for it. A simple word of “thank you” can go a thousand miles.


A smile on the other hand warms your heart, générâtes positive thoughts and attracts positive people.

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