6 Easy Ways to Make an Impression on Anyone

Keeping a conversation to go beyond a few minutes is a must have skill especially if you hope to make new friends, or network with others. Though some people are not easy to get along with, making use of some basic tips, could boost your communication skills, and help you to engage anyone, be it on first meeting or there after. If you want to meet people on the first day and have them ask to see you again, or better still exchange phone numbes, here are a few things to do.

 Strike a Rapport.

Before engaging anyone in a conversation you hope to keep for a little while, take a moment to findout at first glance the things about or on that person which you can relate to. People like to talk to people that have what they have or have what they would like to have. This is a sure way to get passed the usual monosylabic responses.  Stick to the the things that make you similar.

Carry a Positive Energy:

Your ennergy involves your moods, your facial expression, your thoughts, your words etc. The energy around you could either fix or spoil things for you. This is because they send off signals which can either attract or repel. To wear a positive energy is a sure way to make a lasting impression in a conversation.

Hold Your Opinion Lightly:

Sometimes you are tempted to impose your views on people forgetting that everyone has a right to thier own opinion. It is better to speak your own “truth”, but give a listening ear to other people’s “truth”, even if you know it is a lie. People get upset when you try to impose your ideas on them but if you say what you know and listen to what they have to say, you will get them to sleep over your idea without necessarily forcing it on them.

Body Language

Every time you are in a conversation or discussion, your body language carries 93% of the total communication, while your words make up for just 7%. Thus pay attention to the things you do when talking with people you are trying to engage in a conversation, or whose attention you are trying to hold for more than just a minute. For example, act like you care by not giving in to distractions. Smile at them, nod your head from to time to reassure them of your attension etc.

Lend a Helping Hand

Everyone enjoys favours and sometimes all it takes is to offer somebody a little favour to win their attention. Such favours could be as small as opening the door, offering to lift up something or even paying a coffee bill. Little gestures like this make people want to know who you are / why you’re being kind etc.

Have a Sense of Humour:

Humour is an important aspect of life and anyone who can make people laugh can win their attention by the snap of a finger. However don’t over do it because you will be mistaken for a clown and no one will take you serious. Use jokes to change topics or even start one. Everyone enjoys a good laugh but you must be careful that the joke doesn’t need intepretation lest it loses its purpose.



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