7 Empowering Lessons About Purpose

There is nothing as fulfilling as living your dreams but this can not happen without purpose and finding your purpose doesn’t happen overnight. Below are some lessons about purpose and why you should stop at nothing to find it.

1. It Redefines your life:

Life is meaningless if all you do is aim at a ball without an intention because you will spend time walking in the shoes of others. But when you have purpose, you find a reason for your actions. It builds a strong desire in you to drive your actions. It shows you the strength of wisdom, by putting you on on the path of right choices. When you know the “why,” nothing can stop you from reaching the “what.”

2. Adds Value to your life:

Where there is purpose, the is no room for bandwagon display. Purpose takes you away from seeking public approval and doing the common. It shows you the foolishness in trying to please people, and builds in you the wisdom and craving for value which brings inner peace and joy.

3. Build Principles in You:

Purpose sets a guide on to how to reach your heart desires. It makes you see what you need to give up to get what you want. It tells you what to give up and what to hold on to. A principled person will never compromise their values even in the face of trials.

4. Self discovery:

Purpose draws you closer to your inner self. It brings you into connection with all dimensions of you, as beautifully made by God. You find your hidden talents and the uniqueness of your abilities. It builds up satisfaction for the things you do. Someone who has purpose never goes to work with a dull face because their purpose is their source of motivation.

5. Increases your level consciousness;

There is a lot to mankind which people never get to find because they lose touch with God. But when you find your purpose, you come to terms with the reason for existence and it leads you to further understand why you are here and how you can make your life more meaningful.

6. Increases Self Confidence and Self Appreciation:

When you know your abilities, you become confident in yourself. You come to terms with your worth as a person and can better handle naysayers. If you know why you are here, you wouldn’t have to do anything to proof your worth because you can trust in the greatness God has put in you.

7. It Builds Patience:

You only get discouraged because you doubt in yourself. You doubt in your struggles and wonder if your hard work will ever pay off. But when you find your purpose, you become patient with your errors and see every failure and every challenge as a lesson because you know they are leading you somewhere.


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