7 Important Life Lessons. Live Well and Glow

Life lessons come after an episode and  will be repeated until learned. You may see these lessons in your sad and happy expériences. But irrespective of how they present themselves, they make you wiser. They uplift your spiritual conciousness, which proves that there is a reason for everything. The situation or condition you face came for a reason and will keep coming until it has served its purpose.

Life lessons for a better life

Everyday is a fresh beginning. When a day ends, it ends with all that it brought A new day comes with its own blessings and lessons and we can choose either to carry the lessons over by procastinating or learn them on time and move on.

Life lessons are proportionate to your strength. You will never face something you cannot handle which is why after every difficult phase, you emerge stronger and more resistant.

Life is a process and what you desire to be will determine you processes. When you desire success, be ready to go through all that it takes to be successful. It could be learning how to use what you already have, or learning how to get what you do not have. Mind you that no single process is easy but a willing heart can endure all it takes to get all it wants

Relationships are just a complement and not a fulfilment. Never expect your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend to make you happy because you will crash before the sun sets. You must endeavour to find your inner peace and fulfillment before before getting into any relationship.

Some things are not meant to change. You have two things, to either live with them, or drop them off. If such things include unproductive friends, never fear dropping them off.  But if you must continue with them, learn to live with them and quit trying to change them. Trying to change the things that cannot be changed is trying to play god and that will only drain out the energy in you.

No two people are thesame. What works for you may not work for another. Don’t try to impose your ideas or opinions on others. They have a different path from you. You may have the same invigilator, but you certainly have different exam questions.

Forgiveness is the source to total freedom. When you forgive others, you take over their power. Unforgiveness keeps you in chains and those you tie up with you control your life. They decide your moods, by causing you anger and pain when you see or think of them.

Live a balanced life, making time for work, fun ,family and above all put God first for that is the only to be free from cosmic powers. A life that is not guided by God, and not divided proportionately among these key elements is heading to a fruitless battle.



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