7 key Principles to Happy Living

Principles are God’s way of putting the universe under the control of man, especially to those who master the art. It is like a mechanism that puts all forces of nature, to work in the favor of those who live by them. Interestingly, no single principle goes unrewarded. Every principle has a promise attached to it but you cannot benefit from the promise or reward without following the principle. Though the road to success is not an easy one to tread, it is accessible to those who stay focused and principled.

The 7 Key principles for a successful life.

Be Obedience: You owe your obedience and loyalty first to God. The reward is quite good. He shall be your God and you shall be his people, and things shall go well for you. You also owe your obedience to you parents. Your days shall be long.

Give with a cheerful heart. Give and you will never lack because whatever goes out of you for the benefit of another always has a multiplier effect and it comes back to the giver. A cheerful giver never lacks. If you give for love, you will receive every kind of goodness (joy, happiness and peace).

Be honesty and never cheat others: An honest person is always trust worthy and his judgment can be trusted. Be honest in your dealings and you will not suffer from cheats. Remember Karma is real- what goes around always comes around.  Be accountable and people will find you trust worthy and can do business with you.  A thief cannot reprimand another thief because they are colleagues. “If you do not soil your hands, you will not mess up your shirt”

Be  true to yourself. Be loyal to your values and believes. Do not compromise your values for anything and you would avoid the traps of your enemies. If you lack loyalty to yourself, no one would be loyal to you.

Have self control: Keep your body in check at all times so that your desires don’t consume you because bodily desires could be deadly. Practicing self control will help you avoid shameful acts that could hunt you for the rest of your life. It will protect you from a life of regrets. If you let your body control you, you will be a slave to yourself and may engage in activities that will derail you from the path of a successful and happy life

Be grateful and thankful for the little you have. A grateful and thankful heart is a good heart and a good heart will speak words that bring forth the things that are needed. Be glad you have life and be thankful for everything. Remember that the things you have are the very things some people are praying to have.

Avoid competition: Competition in all forms is negative. It makes you judge yourself poorly and cause you to be envious of what you do not have and unappreciative of what you have. Love yourself and trust in your abilities. Don’t waste time on the things you cannot change.

Reflection: Jeremiah 7:23

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