7 key Principles to Happy Living

Principles are God’s way of putting the universe under the control of mankind, especially to those who master the art. Principles are the constant/facts in life and everyone who live by principles command authority over nature. Which is the reason why atheist who do not believe in God still benefit from principled living. It is nature’s way of responding to human needs and those who live by them can tap into it.  People who live by principles have a high value system and are often very successful. They can manage temptations and easily stand after a fall. Principled people live by aligning their behavior with their values for long run benefits. Though the road to success is not an easy one to tread, it is accessible to those who stay focused and principled.

The 7 Key principles for a successful life.

  • Giving: The art of giving is a powerful principle to live by because it always comes with a reward. Give and you will never lack because whatever goes out of you for the benefit of another always has a multiplier effect and it comes back to the giver. Showing kindness and love to others in need by lending a helping hand causes nature to work in your favour. Life is about give and take. To take from it, you must give to it. When you give to others, the gap which their lack created in the universe is closed and you get a reward for closing that gap. This makes giving very important for all who want to be successful. But giving must be done right to rip the reward that comes with it. Giving with selfish intentions will never bring you a reward. Rather it will bring you a curse because you are cheating nature and no one cheats nature. That is why some people give alms, do charity, pay tithes but are still living in misery. The intentions in your heart when you are giving are exactly what you will get as a reward. If you want a good name, you will get applause and recognition from those to whom you give. If you want money so that you might always have more than enough to be generous at all times, you will get money in return. If you give for love, you will get love in return and remember that love is the biggest reward of all because it comes with everything (joy, happiness and peace).


  • Obedience: Be always in obedience to God and your elders. God will reveal His plans to you and your elders will give you good advice as you walk the path of life. As humans, we are mortals unaware of what tomorrow would bring. In obedience to God, He will bring you to the understanding of the three dimensions inside of you and the power of the unison in reaching your destiny. You would discover your potentials and all the powers that God has put inside of you. By this, you will honour his calling in your life and use all that he has put in you for the good of others. When you are ignorant of your potentials and unaware of your calling in life, you dishonor God. You live a life without direction and no matter how hard you work; you still live a life of management and barely enough. Man was made to enjoy the earth and all that is in it. To live in abundance but it is only in obedience to God that you have full understanding of this.


  • Goal Oriented: Invest your time in your goals and ambitions. Focus on the results and you will be able to face the challenges of each day. Make time for your goals every day of your life. Don’t let your dreams and ambitions remain in your head for you will never achieve them and you will become jealous of others. Everyone has been assigned a duty to multiply. That is to say excel at something which is already inside of you. When you live in obedience to God your Creator, He will bring you to the discovery of your abilities and potentials. Plan carefully then about your strategy, and invest time on it every day until you get there. Don’t be lazy because you will lose the drive and passion you need to be successful.


  • Honesty: Be honest in your activities and you will command respect and authority from others.  Live an honest life and honor your word. Be accountable and people will find you trust worthy and can do business with you. A dishonest person is a vexation to the spirit. They never practice what they preach and as such cannot command nature to respond to their need. When a person is dishonest, his life is at the mercy of his enemies because his words lack the fire to fight his battles. A thief cannot reprimand another thief because they are colleagues. “If you do not soil your hands, you will not stain your shirt” Thus practice honesty for an honest person is a force of attraction and his judgment can be trusted.


  • Loyalty: Be loyal to your values and believes. Do not compromise your values for anything and you would avoid the traps of your enemies. If you lack loyalty to yourself, no one would be loyal to you.


  • Self control: Keep your body in check at all times so that your desires don’t consume you because bodily desires could be deadly. Practicing self control will help you avoid shameful acts that could hunt you for the rest of your life. It will protect you from a life of regrets. If you let your body control you, you will be a slave to yourself and may engage in activities that will derail you from the path of a successful and happy life


  • Appreciation: Life is the way it is. Love yourself and trust in your abilities. Don’t waste time on the things you cannot change. Avoid competition for they only make you envious of what you do not have and unappreciative of what you have. When you lead a life of appreciation, you will not take things for granted. You will be thankful for what you have and this will make you positive minded. The positive mind is sure to succeed in life because it appreciates the progress of each day and hopes for the victory of tomorrow. A positive mind is capable of attracting to reality the desires of the heart. So be appreciative and positive.

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