The Power of Positive Influence. 7 Ways To Influence People

“Never underestimate the influence you have on others”. Laurie Buchanan

Positive Influence is our ability to uplift people, and to cause them to do the right things at the right time, whether consciously or unconsciously. Imagine that instead of complaining about people, you could influce them to willingly dance to your tune in the positive sense of it, by willingly giving up thier bad habits and attitudes. Below are some simple but effective ways to go about it.

How to Influence people positively

Choose to see the good in others:

People have all sorts of faces (the good, bad, urgly) and thier environment determines which face is predominant. Choose to see the good face even when the ugly one shows off and like an unwanted visitor, the ugly will back off.

Use good openers when resolving issues

The opening sentence of every conversation sets the tone for that conversation. Always begin with the good before getting to the bad. For example… I know you are a good person and I know you can do better than what you just did… As simple as this sentence sounds, it can disarm even a tyrant.  Another example; try telling a child that is not living up to your expectations how proud you are of him or her and you will see them trying to dance to the right tune. Trying telling a spouse or a parent who neglects their duties how much you appreciate their efforts and you will see the changes that will bring.

Reflect on kind gestures, no matter how small.

Before meeting anyone you do not get along with, take some munites before your meeting to refelct on the good things they do, for example sharing, opening the door for someone etc. Think of any possible good thing they have done and focus on it. This will make you see thier efforts in trying to be better people. It will also cause them to be calmer and soft spoken with you. The reason is because we are all connected and our spirits communicate more than our bodies. Warm thoughts about a person reaches that person faster than your words.

Don’t fight back.

Sometimes when faced with chaotic situations, the temptation is to fight back. It is good to speak your mind but a calm tone is a good way to disarm a problematic person. Endeavour to communicate and not confront; and you would see how much influence you can have on them. If you wonder why a child will listen to an uncle better than his dad, it is because the uncle sees some goodness in him which the dad never takes notice of.


A warm smile from a warm heart, is louder than a microphone. Smiles are good for disarming people especially when they are not expecting it as a response from you. This is a good strategy for those who are trying to get at you or make you uncomfortable. Perfect strategy for interviews. Don’t give them the obvious response by fighting back, shock them with a warm broad smile and you would see how much influence you can have on them.

Expect the positive from those you meet.

There is power in expectation. As earlier mentioned, your spirit does more talking than your mouth. Such is why your body language during communication matters more than the things you say. If you are meeting people, expect a positive response from them and because your spirit does more talking than you think you do, it will bring it forth. Remember the spirit gets what it wants because with it there is no impossibility.

You can influence your relationship with people by the things you perceive of them. Let the good thoughts of them in your mind be stronger than the negative ones and they will respond positively. We all are all connected and as such have influence on one another. The more we see the weaknesses of those we interact with, the more weaknesses they will have to show us. The reverse is true

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