15 Amazing Quotes…

These amazing quotes are a combination of various life experiences…

  1. The  strength of the woman is like the tides of the sea. Strong to push out obstacles and determined to reach the shores ; yet  tender to those that love its touch and surf it.
  2. Like a rose, a woman blossoms at every stage of life- beauty, strength and wisdom. It just depends on  what attracts the beholder.
  3. A child that knows the taste of breast milk would understand the importance of a woman’s bossom.
  4. Listen to the advice of the elderly for the things that excite you today are among their errors of yesterday.
  5. “For  a lay man to become king, he needs the qualities befitting of royalty. Such qualities are found in trials. So vent not when trials come your way.”
  6. “Be mindful of what you shout about because the echoes will surly find your ears.”
  7. “Children who play in the rain never catch a cold in bad weather. Give them room to be boys and tomorrow the will gladly be men.”
  8. “Don’t judge the thorns on the rose for this may prove that you are undeserving of it.”
  9. “If you must have the things you want, you must learn to offer the things you need. Make nature work for you”
  10. “The terror of an earth quake may scare even the Lion but wherever it runs to, it remains king of the jungle. Don’t lose focus.”
  11. “If you must dream, let your dream be good enough to last longer than the night. Only so will it become a reality”
  12. When the right foot hurts, train the left foot to kick in the direction of the right. Don’t be discouraged by the strength of the shot. Just kick”
  13. “The colours of love are nothing but the visualizations of the mind; for even pink could be perceived as black in the absence of light. Be sure of what you call love!”
  14. “Your paycheck is not a reward for the job done but a reminder of where your loyalty should be. Defend your employers at every point in time.”
  15. “Every strong word could be weak and powerless. It only depends on who the receiver is. Those that are wise are motivated by it but the foolish despise it.”


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