Are You Where You Wanted Be?

Life is about dreams and desires.  While all growing as kids we were all filled with strong desires to be  something great in our future. But as we grow older, things happen and some people change their dreams to blend with the changing times while others hold on to their childhood dreams and strive for ways of making it a reality. As adults, realizing our dreams is not always easy because we often get caught up in a lot of stuff and very often we find ourselves accomplishing other people’s dreams while forgetting ours.

If you are not where you have always wanted to be, it’s not late yet so don’t give up on those beautiful dreams. Don’t continue falling for the tricks of your mind telling you there is time and you can get it tomorrow etc . Sometimes you might not be in your dream place because you needed to start somewhere before making a move. It could be with a job completely out of your dream career etc or you needed to start another business so that you could raise funds for your ideal business. The truth is that there is always a beginning and sometimes you might need to start somewhere before making that big move. However, staying too long in it may keep you there forever especially if the pay check solves your issues. If you are not doing what you love, make plans on what you want and get on with it. Your dreams are very important for your fulfillment and your contribution to humanity. As crazy as this may sound, that dream you have would definitely help someone if not a whole lot of people. Thus keeping it inside of you and not pursuing it is denying yourself gratification and self fulfillment;

Tips on how to go about it

  • Surround yourself with those who share your vision. This will serve as continuous reminder to you on your dreams and will motivate you to carry on with it. Talk about it with those you trust who are sure to bring it up in one conversation or another. Just make sure you are reminded of it in one way or the other.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Many times we find ourselves pushing for tomorrow what we can do and accomplish today. What you need to start with is often always available so get on with it. The skill and talent is already there, start somehow and somewhere and be proud of your humble beginning. Stop waiting for the perfect time because there is no such thing. Rather than postpone to tomorrow and the next, get on with it and let tomorrow meet you in expansion.
  • Be positive: Don’t let the mishaps of others cause you to panic or discourage you. They might have been chasing the wrongs dreams. Always consider yourself as the perfect fit for your dreams and no fail stories will demotivate you. Remember that we all have unique paths and different experiences.  Thus if A doesn’t make it, B can always make it.
  • Don’t think everyone is doing it and get discouraged. Your dreams may be on common grounds especially if it’s in line with a career, product or service that seems saturated. However, don’t get discouraged because the earth is bigger than everything in it and there is more than enough room for all ideas.  Thus you will always have a job, or customers meant for you and consumers for your product. Never give up.

There is nothing as satisfying as doing the things you love. When you love what you do, you look forward to every new day. Life seems easier and letting go of the challenges in each day seem effortless. Your dreams may be too big for you to handle and you see it as an impossible task. However, if your dreams or ambitions are too big that they scare you,  it is a good sign because it means they are good enough. Thus don’t let the fright hold you down. Rather keep pursuing it until you get hold of it. It is always worth the effort.

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