Arthur Zack: Cameroonian Cardio Pad Inventor

This week’s SHINE Choice is Arthur Zang, a 27years old Cameroonian born IT technician who invented Africa’s first medical tablet, known as the Cardio Pad.

Zang’s touchscreen Cardio Pad allows health-care workers in rural areas to send the results of cardiac tests to heart specialists via a mobile-phone connection. The results from his Cardio pad are sent to a cardiologist via a mobile network and can be interpreted within 20 minutes. The cardiologist makes a diagnosis and sends it back to the health-care worker treating the patient, along with prescription instructions.

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The Cardio Pad has the potential to become a complete telemedicine tool, allowing measurement and transmission of integrated information on a patient’s health profile, which could help diagnose many other diseases.

5 years ago, like most African youths, Zang had an excellent initiative but lacked the finances to support his idea. “I went to the banks, but they wanted all sorts of guarantees.” So he made a smart move by using the free resources available- he posted a video about his project on Facebook to raise funds. This led to a his first $20,000 grant from the Cameroon Government, which Zang used to produce the first 20 tablets.

In May of last year, Arthur Zang won the African Engineering prize of  £25,000 ($37,000) prize for his device. The Cardiopads are now distributed to hospitals and clinics in Cameroon free of charge, and patients pay $29 (£20) yearly subscriptions.

The young CEO of HIMORE MEDICAL also sells his device in Gabon, India and Nepal.


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