How to deal with difficult (impossible) people.

No one was born difficult. Circumstances and situations turned them in to all that irritates you. Knowing how to live with them would give you life silks suitable for coping in any environment. […]


7 Important Life Lessons. Live Well and Glow

Just let things be and what will be will always be in due time. To force things, is to grap something not meant for you, or to get it at the wrong time and it will surly cause you more harm than good. […]


The Power of Effort. 7 Great Rewards From Your Struggles

Life is an ever flowing stream of abundance that never runs dry. Those who dip in their buckets never leave empty. However, the size of your buckets determines the amount of bucket you can get […]


The Power of Expectation. How it Works!

Expectation impresses the conscious mind , just like visualization impresses the subconscious mind. “Keep your conscious mind busy with expectations of the best”…Joseph Murphy […]