Staying hopeful even in disability…

Cameroon like many African countries still consider disability a curse and children with disability are often abandoned. These persons roam the streets as beggars and are often denied their basic human rights such as access […]


How To Make A Man Fall In Love On First Date

Do you sometimes wonder why some women always seem to have the great guys around? It is because they know how to keep their men’s  imagination on the wild without revealing too much. If you […]


Self Motivation: Be a Better Version of You

Have you ever been in that season where you feel lost? A period in your life when you feel miserable and can’t find interest in anything? That point in time when disappointments come knocking in […]


How to Rekindle Excitement in Your Love Life

The excitement that stems from a new relationship can make you feel on top of the world but very often you may feel dull and bored. During such moments, if you are not strong willed […]


7 success Principles for Uprising Entrepreneurs.

You finally decided to start that business… to put your goals to action and bring your dreams to reality. But then you are unable to maintain the same enthusiasm as you get along. You are […]


African fashion…Trending Styles for the Season

The African fashion is very unique. African couture is fast becoming a pace setter in the clothing industry, from fabric to style. The African fabric is gaining world market with top designers like Gucci, Calvin […]


The Power of Giving

Giving is the silent communication between you and nature. It is a powerful principle to live by because it always comes with a reward. Give and you will never lack because your action silently communicates […]


Interview with an Uprising Entrepreneur…

There is nothing as motivating as hearing the stories of others. This month SHINE Magazine met an uprising entrepreneur in the beauty and fashion industry, specialized in handcrafted women’s wigs. She is an inspiration. How […]


4 Ways to Cope with Difficult people

It is frustrating to be in the company of those you don’t get along with. Sometimes it is for reasons beyond your control and your efforts never seem good enough. One minute they seem fine […]