Learning through trials and challenges

Trials are not meant to kill you, but to make you stronger; unless you choose to die. ” A gem can not be polished without friction, nor can man be perfected without trials.” Luseus Anaeius. […]


How to stay insanely self motivated

Have you ever been in that season where you feel lost? A period in your life when you feel miserable and can’t find interest in anything? That point in time when disappointments come knocking in […]


Rising from Grass to Grace

When you find that one thing that makes you special, you know you have found your wealth. Meet the CEO and founder of Quins Wigs, customizable hand crafted wigs. People like her will make you know that everyone is born to thrive. […]


The Power of Self Esteem

Self esteem is an inward acknowledgement of self worth whether good or bad. Good self judgment results to high self esteem and bad self judgment to low self esteem. Your approach to life is a […]