How to stay insanely self motivated

Have you ever been in that season where you feel lost? A period in your life when you feel miserable and can’t find interest in anything? That point in time when disappointments come knocking in all directions and you feel like life is not worth living? Sometimes it could be a continuous heart break from those you love or betrayal from those who claim to love you. How about those moments when you couldn’t even make it through a simple job interview. Or when you thought your hard work was finally paying off but out of the blues something happened and everything was lost.

During such moments, only the worst thoughts seem to surface, bringing with them your worst fears. You may break down to the point where you loose the one thing that most people hold very dear- self  confidence. You could become so negative that you find yourself doubting everyone and everything around you. At this point, it is possible to adopt the blame attitude, and you find yourself blaming others for your problems and for making you unhappy. Well, it is often easier to find who to blame than to find the way forward, so I get it! However, with the right mindset, you can bounce back with these simple tips:

Acknowledge the trial.

Know that what you are going through is just a phase and it will pass away. Trials will never kill you, unless you choose to die. They only mold and build you into a better person. Thus choose to see the positive in it, allow yourself be molded. You will be happy you did.

Take a quiet moment for self discovery.

Sometimes all it takes to feel alive again is to take a quiet moment and rediscover yourself. “Who am I?  What am I good at? What is my purpose? are good questions to ask. Choose not to cry over spilt milk, but to find ways of producing an alternative, or better still, new milk. There is always something better and bigger outside your comfort zone.

Believe in yourself.

If you don’t believe in you, no one would. You are uniquely made; so believe it or not, there is no one on this planet like you. Have you ever wondered why in a choir with 50 soprano singers, not even one of them sings like the other? Their voices are all beautiful and may sound alike but each pitch is unique. This is because even when people have the same talents, their abilities are different.” So don’t worry if you think there are so many people with your gift, find that one thing which makes yours different from theirs and expand on it.

Avoid judging yourself harshly.

Appreciate your progress. Don’t judge your progress or situation by the success stories of others because you would be more miserable and unappreciative of what you have. Remember that not everyone has the same path in life and everyone’s story is as unique as their abilities. Avoid trying to fit into people’s shoes, or trying to be others and rather start appreciating who you are and how far you have come. Celebrate the fact that you are better than what you used to be and also that you are not where you used to be yesterday.

Therefore, wash off the frown. You are exactly where you need to be, to learn a thing or two. Life is short; so stop complaining and start living. God’s plans are to prosper you.

Reflection: Jeremiah 29:11

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