Self Motivation: Be a Better Version of You

Have you ever been in that season where you feel lost? A period in your life when you feel miserable and can’t find interest in anything? That point in time when disappointments come knocking in all directions and you feel like life is not worth living? Sometimes it could be a continuous heart break from those you love or betrayal from those who claim to love you. How about those moments when you couldn’t even make it through a simple job interview. Or when you thought your hard work was finally paying off but out of the blues something happened and everything was lost.

During such moments, only the worst thoughts seem to surface, bringing with them our worst fears. You may break down to the point where you loose the one thing that most people hold very dear- self  confidence. You could become so negative that you find yourself doubting everyone and everything around you. At this point, it is possible to adopt the blame attitude, and you find yourself blaming others for your problems and for making you unhappy.

However, trials are not meant to kill to you but to build a strength in you. Sometimes all it takes to bounce back is to rediscover yourself and tap into your abilities. We rarely appreciate the potentials in us until we have been taken out of our comfort zone. It is often said necessity is the mother of invention.

Don’t judge your progress or situation by the success stories of others because you would be more miserable and unappreciative of what you have. Remember that not everyone has the same path in life and everyone’s story is as unique as their abilities. Avoid trying to fit into people’s shoes, or trying to be others and rather start appreciating who you are and how far you have come. Celebrate the fact that you are better than what you used to be and also that you are not where you used to be yesterday.

You are uniquely made; so believe it or not, there is no one on this planet like you. Have you ever wondered why in a choir with 50 soprano singers, not even one of them sings like the other? Their voices are all beautiful but unique. This is because even when people have the same talents, their abilities are different.”

This may be the time to find something special about you and develop it. If you think this is a waste of time, remember that today will pass and tomorrow will come and make sure you have something for yourself when tomorrow comes.

If you choose to wear a frown and remain in the state of stress and regrets, you miss out on the little time you have to spend on this earth. Life is short; so stop complaining and start living. Be a better version of you each day.

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