Common Trends On the Road to Success

Man is a power house and was born to succeed but not everyone gets to experience success. There are those who follow the road leading to it but get discouraged on the way and back out. Others follow in commitment, with their minds focused on the final picture and eventually grab it. When you listen to success stories, you draw lots of motivation and inspiration but sometimes as you get out in to the world, you find it difficult to maintain that positive energy you had listening to those stories. When you are facing those low moments as you struggle with your goals, remember that all successful people have a story. The stories may be different but their experiences are similar. Below are common attributes from the stories of successful people which we can all learn from as we walk our paths.

On the Road to success:

  • Trails: All success comes after overcoming a trial. Trial can come in any form and the magnitude of it is subjective to the individual and often aligned to his purpose. The trials come with the lessons the individual needs to stand firm when success comes. Very often these lessons include humility, generosity, forgiveness, appreciation, self esteem etc.  Most successful people have had to overcome one trial/challenge or the other which is what makes them great motivational speakers. They use the trials on their journey to success to inspire and encourage others. Thus don’t get discouraged by your own trials, rather find the lessons in them and continue walking with your head held high.


  • Principled living: Principles are like rules we live by and laws we believe in.There can be no success without a believe in something.  Most principles often lead to discipline of the mind, and body. With such discipline, people can focus on specific goals depending on the individual and attract unto themselves the desires of their hearts. Almost all great minds and successful people were principled and they were committed to their principles. They rarely followed the crowd nor compromised it for a good name. Some of these principles include giving, love, forgiveness, faith among others. As you walk your path, define your life by the principles which apply to your dreams and purpose. If you want to be a successful business person you should consider adopting principles of giving and faith.


  • Purpose: Purpose is the very reason for which we exist. Our individual calling and contribution to this earth. Very often we keep struggling with our dreams until we are able to align with our calling. This is because the dreams we want to realize have been given to us , to be to used for the sole purpose of contributing to the growth of man, for the glory of God. Until we find that purpose, can’t we truly find success.  However, many people are more of copy cats, following the dreams and purpose of others. There are people who have jumped into a particular line of business just because they saw someone doing it and prospering. yet they wonder why they can’t prosper as much as the other person. Make an effort to walk in your own shoes and avoid trying to accomplish other people’s purpose because all you would realize would be failure. When you find your own purpose, invite God to direct you to all you need to accomplish it.


  • Visualization: Visualization is the art of building mental images of your dreams/ambitions. Some successful people consciously did this while others unconsciously did. However, they all thought of what their success will be like. They  imagined their lives after their goals were achieved and this continuous process brought them what they wanted. Adopt this art for it would imprint in your subconscious/soul the desires and expectations and you will receive it.

As you walk the road to success, remember others have been there and made their stories. So make yours gladly. Judge what stage you are by the circumstances you find yourself in and keep the faith till you get there.

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