Tips for the Perfect Bridal Hairstyle

A bride’s hair is as important as her gown. A beautiful gown in the wrong hairstyle makes a good day unbearable.

The nature of your face should determine your hairstyle and below are a few suggestions.

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Below are some tips to note:

  • Oval Face: If you have an oval face, it means you have a prominent forehead. Avoid hairstyles that pull allĀ  of your hair to the back because it would make your forehead appear broader. A better hairstyle would be to pull some amount of hair to the back and let the other part of it fallĀ  either on your forehead or slanted side wards on the face.

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  • Long face: Avoid a long straight hair because it drags the face down. If you are so crazy about long hair, make sure it is curly and wavy for a better facial appearance. The best bet would be take your hair up and let a part of it fall lose on the side of your face. You could also leave straight hair down is it was short,about chin-neck length.

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  • Round Face: This is very convenient because all hairstyles will be good, be it hair up or hair down. However your make up should minimize the size of your chicks so that you don’t look plump.


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  • Square face: Avoid any hair up styles and go for long hair either straight or curly to minimize the width of your chicks.

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