5 Ways to Turn Your Dreams to Reality.

Dreams or ambitions are an inevitable part of human existence but fear is one major factor that keeps people from turning it to reality. Dreams begins with desire on achieving a thought or idea.  Some people have successfully executed their dreams. Others got tired and abandoned it when times got tough.Yet others have never got it out of their minds. It is like building castles in the air and never getting to see the building in reality. Dreams are good but if you don’t put them to action they become a mind game. When you have an ambition, be bold enough to work on it. Every desire for greatness comes for a reason and so it is wise not to waste it because it would contribute to your purpose here on earth.

Follow this quick guide and move from dream to reality:

Write them down :

Writing down your dreams is the first step of moving them from an idea into an actual work plan. It makes the dream feel like a reality and serves as a reminder of something you need to achieve. It is also important to write down a dream because it builds an image of the actual product or service in your mind. As you do this you unconsciously visualize your dream as an actual product and this generates the positive thoughts and the drive you need to bring that dream to a reality.

Identify the talents that align to your dreams:

A  quick push to action is by identifying the part of you that can contribute to the realization of this dream. This is because your individual abilities were given to you for reasons as such. They will help you get stated with your dream. Everyone has talents and to those talents, everyone has unique abilities. For example, if you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, don’t just look for seed capital and jump on to it. Rather first identify the unique abilities in you that can help you in your line of business. Some people are born marketers, others are born communicators, Some writers, others singers etc. If you can’t find a talent in you that aligns to your dream, you need to slow down and ensure that you are not unconsciously being a copy cat. You might just be nursing a desire because you are carried away by the good lives of others in that field; and not because it is something you want to be deep inside of you. You can see this evidently in the lives of successful business men and women.

Take Action:

Dreams can only become reality when we move from idea to actual product or service. Start no matter how small and don’t be embarrassed by your beginning. The beginning might not be big but remember you are going somewhere and remember to celebrate every mile stone you make because it is an achievement. Don’t wait until you have all the resources you need to begin the business. Draw you plan to start with what you have because that is the way to attract support. No one would invest in your idea if you can’t show prove that you believe in it. And there is no better way of showing such prove than to show the little you have put forth.

Believe in yourself:

It is often said if you can’t believe in yourself, no one will. When you finally summon the courage to bring your dreams to reality, you have to trust your guts. Everything is possible if you can believe in it. Remember that dreams don’t just come by chance and God who put them in you did so for a reason. Thus believe in your dreams and don’t let anyone derail you, not even the setbacks. It is normal to feel discouraged when things are not moving your way but don’t let go of your dreams because the reward to your efforts may just be around the corner.

Everyone may have dreams but not everyone gets to turn them to reality. Thus when you do, be proud of what you have. Don’t let naysayers discourage you with their mockery and criticisms. Tomorrow they will join the crowd to cheer for you when success comes.

Reflection: Mark 9:23

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