How to Build and Boost Your Self Esteem

” No matter how hard you try, you can never do well in another person’s shoes,  because our life’s purposes are unique. So stop trying”

Building you self esteem and confidence is the best thing anyone could ever do for themselves. It just keeps you in love with yourself and confident in your abilities. It can transform a shy person into a public speaker. Life just becomes happier and independent. Public opinion seizes to matter. etc This is how powerful self esteem is on us. Have you ever wondered if low self esteem is the reason you lost so many life’s opportunities? For example you you didn’t get that dream job even though you had the best grades in school? Low self esteem can cause us a lot more harm than any external force which is why it is important to work on it.

The big question is how do you boost your self esteem and confidence? I will share these tips with you…


How to Build self esteem:

Before I start, I want you to know that to build or boost self esteem takess a continuous effort. It needs constant work without which you may not be able to bounce back after a low a moment.  Below are practical ways of working on your self esteem and raising it from zero to a possible 100.

  • Acknowledge your fears and fight them. Many times we are aware of our fears/weaknesses and the reasons for our low confidence but we shy away from them. Thus start by confronting them in the smallest ways possible. For example, if you are often shy, join a social group like a choir, and be open to new friends. Also take up roles in such groups that give you the opportunity to talk to people. This will boost your interaction and improve your confidence in approaching others.
  • Change your inner dialogues; Let your conversation with yourself be positive. Complement yourself and learn to complement others. You cannot give what you don’t have and always remember that what you give is what you get. Tell yourself what you would like others to tell you. For example, if you like to hear people complement your looks, take some time off every day and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Say them until you can feel your mind agreeing to it.
  • Don’t judge your worth based on your looks. Physical appearance is no judge of personal worth. Take a minute and write down the things you love about yourself other than your looks. Look at your abilities/potentials/talents/ etc You will be amazed at how many you would come up with.
  • Don’t try to be anyone else but yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others because you would constantly be reminded of what you do not have. Competition is not healthy because you end up struggling to be others and unappreciative of the things that make you unique. You are beautifully and fearfully made. Don’t try to seek the approval of others because they have no idea what resides in you. Their judgment is what you let them see. Be proud of the person that dwells inside of you and tap into your hidden abilities.
  • Avoid the company of those who make you feel any less of who you are. It doesn’t matter who such company is made of. If it makes you think lowly about yourself, avoid it because they are not deserving of your company. Never see yourself as the problem when a group is concerned because it would only mean that you continuously struggle for their approval.
  • Own your errors: People who are fund of blaming others for their mistakes are suffering from very low self esteem. They constantly blame others for their mistakes rather than take responsibility for their actions, in fear of losing the public approval they have fought so hard to acquire. Challenge yourself to admitting your errors and make efforts to correct your mistakes. This will help you in self development.
  • Discover your motivation and commit to it. Take a quiet moment and find the thing that lightens your mood, and that makes you remember your childhood big dreams. Such a source of motivation can be very useful as you work on your self esteem.

Think highly of yourself in true appreciation of your worth. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  There is so much in you dying to be used. So rather than waste time trying to wear other people’s shoes, find your custom made shoe size and wear it with confidence. It will never fit anyone else the way it fits you because it was made for you and will definitely walk you to your destiny.

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