You Can Be Anything You Desire.

Sometimes we spend so much time in envy of others and forget that we have equally been blessed in our own right. Everyone has the ability to do something unique but when we keep wishing to be others, we fail ourselves and defeat our purpose. We were sent to this earth for a reason and our abilities were given according to the purpose we would serve. Unfortunately many people go to the grave without ever knowing nor reaching that purpose. Some have been made to think predominantly negative and always feel unworthy caused by families and other circumstances.

They grow with the mentality of “cannot” and so limit themselves and settle for whatever is available be it a job, relationship or any other aspect in life. They follow the band wagon and dance to the tune of any music because they can’t identify the rhythm that is unique to them. They are so negative and the energy they emit either consciously or unconsciously dispel what is good and attracts negative experiences.

However, there are others who are simply unstoppable. They are goal setters and achievers. Their mindsets keeps keeps them always on top of their game. Unfortunately such people become the envy of the former who keep wishing they were in their shoes.


The Easy Way to Detox Your Mind From Negative Thoughts.

It doesn’t matter what state you are in, you can improve your experiences at any time because it all starts from your head. For people who find it very difficult to attract the positive, start by thinking of what you are grateful for and enjoy the feelings that come with it. Put yourself in the “feeling good” state each day and you will be amazed at how much positive energy you emit and how much positive experiences you will attract. You can do this by choosing a sweet memory in your life, focus on it and replay it as though it was happening all over again. Enjoy the emotions that such memories bring. This will serve as a detox for your mind and you will realize that the thoughts that come immediately after that would be positive thoughts. Even if they don’t last long, don’t give up, it takes everyday practice to be better at anything. This is the time to train your mind to think and focus on the things you CAN DO and not the things you CANNOT DO.

We were all made in the image and likeness of God and this means we are power houses, loaded with uncountable abilities. Those who think they can, will get it and those who think they cannot will end up without. Life is full of abundance but the abundance is subjective to what you think about. If you think so much of lack and inability, you attract abundance of it. If you think of plenty and your ability to get them, you attract just the right opportunities that will bring them to pass.

Everything we ever need or desire has already been created by God. We are told He made the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th day. He made it all before He rested so whatever it is you desire, it is possible to get it because it has already been made. Now it’s for you to use the authority He gave you, when He gave man dominion over everything here on earth.

Thus, all has already been created and waiting for you to grab. If you till the soil and plant seeds you will harvest but now what you harvest will be exactly what you planted. If you plant bad seeds you will get a bad harvest but if you plant good seeds, you will get a good harvest. If you also keep thinking the soil is infertile, and plant nothing, you will get nothing at all. God in his goodness wants man to enjoy what has been made and use what he has been given to serve others. You can be whatever you desire if you think it right and long enough, attaching the good feelings to it.

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