Learning through trials and challenges

Trails and challenges in life are part of human experiences. They are never permanent, and they are always meant to serve a purpose. The trials and challenges we face are often connected to our weaknesses which makes it important for inner growth and maturity. Looking at the trials and challenges I have faced in life, I have come to realize that every trial has a good side to it and as such I have stopped seeing them as punishment, but as a phase that is full of life lessons. Below are some life lessons that can be gotten out of trials.

 Self improvement

Trials often push people into self discovery by exposing their areas of strength and their hidden potentials. When a trial meets you in your comfort zone, it pushes you hard to the wall, such that you find yourself struggling to get a grip of yourself. In such moments, you are forced to either use the skills in you which you ignored, or discover the potentials in you which you didn’t know existed at all.

Appreciation and gratitude

Trails can make an ungrateful person become so grateful that he/she would thank anyone even for the smallest art of kindness. When trials hit you in your self hail and self glory ( so full of yourself), it will make you realize how much others have contributed to your life and this will turn you into an appreciative and thankful person. It often takes a tough moment for people with a look-warm attitude, to be truly appreciative of other people.

Selfless Love

It is common practice to love others because of what you can get from them. However when a trail meets you with such an attitude, it will bend you until you see the need to love without expectation. Sometimes it may take even the death of a loved one to expose the vanity of life, and teach us how to truly love others

In all, trials are not meant to kill us, but to make us stronger. There is a reason for every trial and a life lesson that accompanies it. When trials come your way, know that it is not the end of the world, for whom the Lord loves, he chastens (Hebrew 12:6.). However you have to be willing to open your heart to see it and when you do, pick up the lessons, for they are meant to lift you up. Once a lesson is learned, it grows bigger than the pain and the bearer grows wiser and better. Life is all about growth!

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