Common Lessons In Trials


Sometimes you think life is so beautiful and everything is in place but then within the twinkle of an eye, the unfortunate happens and everything starts to break and fall apart. It feels like experiencing your nightmare in reality and you wish you could just change things back to where they were or better still, escape from your reality which never happens. Unfortunate situations can cause us untold pain and misery. To some people, it has even triggered depression. But did you ever know trials come your way for a reason and always bring with it a lesson for you?

 4 common lessons in trials

  • Self improvement: Life is about continuous growth and improvement. In areas where you are weak, God will let nature make you stronger and as you grow stronger, God will give you an opportunity to be of service to others.  Trails may push you to self discovery by breaking you and making you to discover who you are and use what you have.


  • Appreciation and gratitude: Sometimes we take life and everyone around us for granted and nature throws things at us that will break and hurt us so bad that it will cause us to become appreciative of life and those we take for granted. For example, you may think everything you have is by your single effort and thus ignore the higher presence of God Almighty. You also ignore the support and efforts of others around you especially family members and friends. As a result of this, nature may throw unpleasant situations at you which could  cause you to reflect on some of those things and learn to acknowledge the presence of God and also to give credit where it is due.


  • Generosity and service: Some people are crafty with what they have, especially when they think others are not deserving of sharing what they have. It could be finances or just knowledge and they face trials that push them to feel the pain of those who are not as privileged as they are. As such they become empathetic and also learn to share and to give generously.


  • Love: Very often we are tempted to place a condition for loving others. People need to do something to get our love. When trials come, they may be meant to teach us about true love and give us an opportunity to show it to others. It could be a spouse you take for granted, or a family member you neglect or maltreat. This may cause you to face trials that will make you to evaluate your behavior improve on it.



In all, trials are not meant to kill us, but to make us stronger. In every trial, there is a reason and a lesson and only those who get to pick up the lesson, easily snap out of it. When trials come your way, evaluate yourself and you will see the lessons the trials brought for you. Pick up these lessons, improve upon your life and move on. Sometimes all it takes is to slow down and listen to that God voice inside you during those difficult and challenging moments.

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