Common Lies Couples Tell

Relationships are a fun experience and even so is marriage but if they are built on lies, they have no hope for the future because nothing ever hides Under the sun. What you consider trivial your Partner may consider it a big deal. Beware of the lies you tell so that they don’t cause irreparable damages. Below are some common lies couples tell each other.

Man: I know every detail about my wife’s finances. Truth: I will someday know what she does with money.

Woman: I love ÿour family so much. I am always glad to have them around. Truth: I wish your mother didn’t come around too often.

Man: I like it when you look sexy. Truth. Isn’t that too revealing for the outing?

Man: The body is no big deal. Truth: You have to lose some weight.

Man: I like it when we Watch my games together. Truth: I need some space, you’re killing the fun with too many questions.

Woman: I’m looking forward to the soccer game on Saturday. Truth:  It’s the only way to spend time with you.

Man: I love this food but I’m just not hungry: Truth, Is there nothing else in the kitchen?

Woman: I was busy with the kids and chores all day. Truth: I had so much fun on Facebook today.

Man: I don’t really enjoy blowjob. Truth: I wish you would just get on with it without asking.

Man: I know you were very tired today, meanwhile he actually hopes you are not too tired for him tonight.

Man: It doesn’t matter how you look, I will still love you. But in truth he hopes you never gain weight.





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