Competition, A Daily Vice & How to Overcome

Competition in every area of life is very unhealthy and can bring out the worse in any person. Imagine being with someone who can’t go pass their own abilities because all they do is struggle to be like others. A competitive person makes communication difficult and this can put a strain on any relationship whether casual or commited. This is because competition breeds vices such as arguments, jealousy, disrespect, pride, and ingratitude etc. A competitive person is a vexation to the spirit. They struggle night and day to force thier opinion and ideas on others; have sleepless nights working out ways to show that you are better. They always complaint about others and often carry a “better than thou”attitude.

How to overcome competition.

Enjoy the complements others bring to your life.

The reason why you feel attracted to people is because they have something you don’t have but will like to have. Thus quit thinking that you can do everything others do the way they do it because the bitter truth is that YOU CANT.  You can only thrive in the things you are called to do and that is something about life you cannot change. In other words, you can only the best version of you and no one else.

See others as a mirror image of you.

Instead of desiring to wear other people’s shoes better than they do, or frowning at how they choose to wear it, consider thier shoes as a reminder of your feet. In other words, let the things you so desire in others remind you of your own good qualities. Focus your efforts on improving upon these good qualities so that they will make up for the things you don’t have. So instead of constantly fighting to be what you were not called to be, or frowning at the things you cannot change, work hard in improving on the things you can change and I bet you that will overshadow the ones that freak you out. This will make you desire to be you and no one else.

Work on Your Self Esteem

Competition is an unconscious expression of low self esteem. It is some under-empowered parts of you pushing you to unhealthy habits, with thoughts that make you feel you are loosing control. But with good self esteem, you will know who you are, with the understanding that you are just as awesome and powerful as the person whose shoes you are struggling hard to wear.

A good start to knowing and understanding your Worth is seeking the face of God. He has all the answers.





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