Don’t wait on others. Be your own champion!

When the storm is heavy, giving up is always the easiest way out but all that comes easy never brings fulfillment. As you consider giving up, your mind would give you a thousand reasons to do so, as it  reminds you of every failed attempt you have made. This makes you feel even worse and the desire to quit grows stronger. But then one good thought creeps in amidst the frustrations, and  you feel like a champion in the storm, counting your blessings as you march along.

Sometimes the voices screaming failure may be too loud that they break you within.  You might be confused on what next to do and you feel overwhelmed so much that you burst into tears. During such moments, let the emotions flow; but when the tears dry up, pay attention to that small voice, pointing in the direction of the progress you have made, and ignore the voice reminding you of what you didn’t achieve. This is how champions live.

Do not compare yourself with any other because it will surly make you unappreciative of what you have. Rather, be happy with the progress you have made against all odds and this will help you maintain your focus on your dreams.

This might be all you need to transform a bad day into a good one. Applaud yourself for how far you’ve come and how much progress you’ve made. This will give you the positive attitude you need to continue working on what you hope to achieve

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