7 Dos and Don’ts with Adult Acne

Adult acne can be very frustrating but you can reduce the appearance and the intensity of the condition by treating the affected areas with more care as seen below.

How to Reduce Adult Breakouts

1. Wash your face twice a day preferably in the morning and before bed time.

2. Don’t sleep with make up on your face because it will clog your pores and cause more breakouts.

3. Don’t scrub your face if you have sensitive skin. It will only cause you further irritations. Rather wash gently using your fingers or a soft facial sponge.

4. Use natural scrubs that are mild and gentle to the skin like pure honey and gently massage your face 20 minutes before bath.

5. Use natural facial cleansers. The chemicals in the drugstore cleansers may lead to dry skin after a prolong use. This too may lead to further irritation of the skin and make condition worse.

6. Don’t bleach your skin.  Bleaching causes thinning of the skin, leading to an overgrowth of acne causing bacteria. Thus more breakouts.

7. Keep your facial moisture at equilibrium. Over moisturized skin or dry skin are two extremes that cause breakouts because the presence of too much moisture promotes the growth of acne causing bacteria on the skin. Same is true for dry skin.



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