Everyone needs a Mind Detox… Ways to go about it.

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There is no better way of moving forward than resetting your mind on the course of tomorrow and taking it off the course of yesterday. A mind detox is the healthiest exercise anybody could give themselves. Not only does it keep you focused on your goals and purpose in life, but it also keeps the doctor away.

In my opinion, a mind detox is the release of yesterday’s emotional inconveniences that keep the mind in a state of malfunction today. By malfunctioning, I mean being in a mental state that cannot look past the adversities of yesterday. It is a mind that is stock between self erected walls and prevents the individual from faithful thinking, and retarding the production of positive energy.

All personal experiences start with the mind. The mind is like the functioning arm of a person’s intellect and the will. Such is the reason why when we tell a lie to ourselves for so long, it becomes our “truth” and our whole life gets altered as well.  Sometimes such lies were told to us, other times, we told them to ourselves to suit our daily living. It is for such reasons that a mind detox is important, because it resets your mind and brings it to light. It keeps your eyes looking in front with little or no attention to the things happening behind you. By this what I mean is , even if you see the things that happen behind you,  you pay no attention to them. You can consider the things happening behind to include nay sayers, offenders, gossips, and all past negative experiences. Meanwhile the things in-front of you would include the goals, purpose, and all other hopes for tomorrow.  If you ask me, the things infront are even more attractive.

With a mind detox, your mind will be at peace and you will be amazed at how much good stuff has being in you all this while. When the mind is at peace, the individual is capable of using their intellect and will for good, as it was purposely made. But when we are distressed, we turn to sway from this mind set and as we continuously turn around to see what is behind us, we steal valuable time we should have used in seeing how to get what is in front of us.

Thus how can we rightly detoxify our minds? Coming soon.

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