5 Wedding Games your Guests would Love.

An exciting wedding party makes the day very memorable not just for the couple but for the guests as well. When the food has been served and desert savoured, keep your guets dancing between games and music, for that is how to keep them highly entertained. Below are some exciting wedding games that will give your big day a whale experience.

Impromtu Questions:

These are questions from the guests to the couple. They can come in any order. But to make it more coordinated, you can give your guests a moment to write down the questions and drop them in a box and set a time aside for answering them.You can decide whether to leave it open ended or guided by topics.

5 Minute Infotainment:

This is  five minutes choosen during the wedding party dedicated to an empowering message by any man or woman of wisdom, as chosen by the bride and groom. Your guests will be thankful to you for this. However keep it brief but meaningful, touching an area that is of general interest.

Couple’s meal:

This is an interesting game. It is a meal (mostly cakes),shared between all the other couples at your wedding. Send out some cakes to all the tables and request couples to stand up and do the other guests the favour of feeding each other. This may sound awkward but it is very fun filled. It may be the one time some couples get to feed each other since thier own wedding. It could be a moment when some lost  emotions are rekindled between those in discord.

Money Dance:

This is common but some fun can be added to it. Instead of just having the bride and groom on the dance floor, invite the most senior couple present at your wedding and invite the guests to support them as they feel motivated. Get your bridal train to come forth and throw money on those dancing, and the other guests will follow suit.

Garter Toss:

This is a culture in some places but it’s still considered a game. The bride wears a garter beneath her gown and her groom finds it with his mouth. It is quite some fun. If you are the bride, you may want to wear the garter such that you would not embarrase your groom nor your guests. When the groom takes it out, have him toss it over to the single and searching men at the party.



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