How to fall asleep fast

A dull night will always result to a dull day. Sleep is one thing money can not buy because it is priceless. It’s one of those beautiful gifts of nature that God has blessed us with. However, due to some people’s work and stress levels, sleep has become a problem. If you are suffering from habitual sleeplessness, you might want to see a doctor for special attention because that might be a health condition called insomnia. However, if it’s an occasional situation, try these seven tips and fall asleep in less than 15 minutes.

  1. Induced yawning: Though yawning is a natural tendency, and the brains way of communicating with you on the need for rest,you can induce it. Close your mouth, roll your tongue up backwards, and breath in and out multiple times without changing the position of your tongue. Breath in through your nostrils but send out the air through you mouth. This will cause you to yawn over and over and as you repeat the exercise, your brain will begin to relax and you will find yourself falling asleep.
  2. Imagery: Try to imagine beautiful scenes or events. This act will keep your mind calm and and help your brain to relax. Once your brain is able to relax, you will fall asleep.
  3. Listen to lullaby: Lullabies are slow and soft music often meant to send babies to sleep. However, in recent times, adults are also benefiting from it. Slip into your sheets, turn off the lights and play some lullabies in a low volume. As you do this, take notes of your activities the day past. Or try to follow the words of the song as if you want to make meaning of it . This will trick your brain and cause it to shut down on all other activities racing in it. That way, you brain following the slow music will start adjusting to it and cause you to fall as asleep. Sleep is often sure when the body is relaxed.
  4. Read a book in bed: Though this may be an indication to your brain that you still want to work some more, your position when reading matters a lot. Lay in your bed, in your favorite position and try to read a book. It is also a trick to the brain as it shuts it down from all other activities and give it only one thing to focus on and this will quickly send you to sleep. It would cause your brain to calm down and your body will also relax and make sleep a sure thing.
  5. Hold Your breath for a count of 7: Hold your breath for a count of seven and then release the air. This will make you yawn so much that you may only realize yourself in the morning.
  6. Respect your bed time: Set a particular time for sleep and endeavor to respect it. During that time, just go to bed and lay your head on your pillow. Even if you don’t feel dizzy, it will train your brain to relax during those hours and you will find it easier falling asleep.
  7. Avoid doing work in your bed. If you are someone who has trouble falling asleep, don’t take work to bed. This is because you tell your brain you still want to work and if your brain doesn’t relax, you might not be able to sleep.

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