Great Tips for an Excellent Wedding Party

It takes a lot of effort to have a great wedding party. With these tips below, you can make your wedding a memorable day not just for you, but for your guests as well.

Make your bridal train dance their way through:

This is an exciting part of the event. Make your bridal train dance thier way into the ceremonial ground as this will serve as a form of Entertainment for the guests. When the vows have been taken and the guests have made their way to the party ground,there are two things that happen…the guests are either tired and bored, or hungry so you want to start the party by boosting thier energy levels with a great entrance. Your choice of songs should nail it deep into thier hearts. Consider the age group of a majority of your guest as you make the choice.Image result for African bridal train dance

Transform the father and daughter dance to a stage presentation:

Instead of the regular slow dance,  you can make your dad happier by singing his favorite song with him. It will be a day he will not forget in hurry. Hold each other’s hands as you do so and wow your guests.

Give your meal plan a little touch

Include a few things in your meal plan that is not common. You can try these examples below.

  • Chocolate fountain

Make the tables more inviting by adding a chocolate fountain to each table. If you are hiring a catere, you can request for such services. But if your budget is low, you can purchase some for as low as $20 each. This will be a deep for all other snacks you serve the guests before lunch.

Image result for chocolate fountain

  • Fruit Tables:

This is getting even more comon by the day but the kinds of fruits served is what makes the difference. You can add both fresh and dry fruits so that your guests can make a choice, especially those who don’t want to soil their hands.

  • Meat table.

Just like a fruit table, you can do a meat table. I bet this will send your guests feeling like Älice in the Wonderland”. The whole idea of is to display all kinds of meat and proteins on such a table in an attractove maner for your guest. You can decide to bake and display the animals in full or cut them in bits. For example, A baked goat, turkey, fish  lamp, pork, etc. The fullness of the baked animal is what will thrill your guests. Perfect idea for a jungle theme wedding.



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