How to break through you limitations

Some people are born with a golden spoon in their mouths while others have to acquire the golden spoon one way or the other. Life always gives us all a fair chance whether we are born rich or poor. We always get a fair chance to either make a difference or follow the band wagon. Those who seize the chances life offers are sure to turn the tables no matter how long it takes.  However, others remain in the dysfunctional situation they found themselves in and call it their fate. They do not only accept the limitations they met, but also build more for themselves and live a life of undesired experiences.

As humans, we have been beautifully and specially made with tons of abilities but how we use them depends on how we think. Our experiences in life are a reflection of our thoughts. If you look at where you are today, the relationship you are in, etc, you would know what your mind has been focusing on. It’s that simple.

Tips on breaking through our limitations:

  • You have no control over the thoughts that come to your mind, but you can decide which thought stays in it. Everyday both negative and positive thoughts pop into the mind. Sometimes when the mind is overwhelmed by stress, the negative thoughts will dominate the positive ones.  To fix this, find a positive word that speaks light into that situation and say it with authority each time that particular thought pops up. Do so for all the negative thoughts that come up. Remember some negative thoughts are recurrent and will keep coming until you shut them down. Only a positive affirmation can do the job and this is where the bible comes in handy.
  • Use positive words in your inner dialogues.  Avoid hate words when you talk to yourself. Don’t call yourself names which you can’t stand to hear others call you.  Endeavor to make your inner dialogues positive by complementing yourself. Self appreciation is key to great inner dialogues. Write down the things you like about you and remind yourself of them daily.
  • Don’t give up when you can’t feel the harmony inside of you. In other words, if you find yourself resisting the positive words, don’t feel bad. Such is very normal. Rather keep saying it repeatedly until you begin to see reasons why you should believe it.  Remember that whatever is said repeatedly gets registered in the mind and that which the mind registers affects your emotions and choices. The connection of all these transforms your experiences.
  • Smile a little more. Challenge yourself to a smile every day even when there’s nothing to smile about. It will gradually be a habit. Smiles generate positive feelings.

It’s high time we break through our limitations and glorify God by using the abilities he has given us in alignment with our life’s purpose.  It is unfortunate that when some people hear the word God they immediately turn off.  “God is perfect and so is everything else He made. The only imperfection that exist is in the mind of man.”

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