How to Choose Your wedding Colours

The choice of wedding colors can go as far determine the mood for the event. The season, weather, location and the couple’s love journey are some key things to consider when choosing wedding colors. Your choice of colors can either tone up the light or tone it down; as well as boost or maintain the mood of your guests.  Below are some wedding color ideas that can meet all above mentioned.

These colors are a combination of passion, love, peace, hope, forgiveness to name a few.

Red and White

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Cherry Red, Pink and lemon Green

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White, Silver and Blue

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Silver, Cream, and Gold

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Purple, White, Gold and Pink

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Purple, Royal Blue and Lemon Green

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Purple and White

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Lavender, Silver and Teel

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Lavender, Cinnamon and Orange


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Royal Blue, White and Yellow

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Navy Blue, Cream and Yellow

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Pink, Cream and Navy Blue

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Multi Color

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