How To Deal With An Addiction

Addiction is the inability to let go of any bad habit that is detrimental to self or the community. Some people blame addiction on previous problems such as molestation, peer pressure etc. But addiction can also be caused by multiple factors including mental, physical and emotional factors. Dealing with an addiction is all about the struggle to quit. Quitting an addiction is not easy but with the right determination you can do it.  Below are some things to note when struggling an addiction.

                 6 ways to overcome addiction

  •  Understand the cause and address it: To successfully quit an addiction, it is important to take some time for self evaluation, and find out the cause of the problem. For example, do you find yourself jumping for a cigarette when you are sad, angry, scared? Do you take a hard drug/alcohol when you are about facing a crowd? Do you feel less attractive and use a substance to overcome your low self esteem/confidence? Such questions can give you a lead way and help you in your efforts to quit. Failure to understand the reasons for the addiction will only result to unsuccessful attempts.
  • Don’t settle for an alternative. In some situations, when the person suffering from the addiction is unable to identify the cause of the problem, he/she may be tempted to settle for an alternative which they often refer to as a “lesser evil”. For example using cigarette to substitute for alcohol. This will only increase the areas of addiction..
  • Talk about your addictions. As embarrassing as this may sound, it is a quick way for quitting. Telling those you trust about your intentions to quit will create a good support system for you.
  • Do it for you!- Don’t quit an addiction in order to please someone. This is because you might find yourself going back to it when these persons don’t meet up to your expectation. For example, quitting a habit because of a relationship would mean a worse situation if the relationship doesn’t work out. So you must do it for you and no one else.
  • Practice Self discipline. Try to avoid self destructive company as well as loneliness. When in a bad company, peer pressure may be too strong for you to overcome. In the same way being alone can be equally tempting to try out things.
  • Increase your engagements: Find something you are great at and channel that negative energy into. An addiction comes with a strong urge and cravings. Channeling that energy into something productive each time the urge comes in can go a long way. For example, someone who wants to quit smoking or substance abuse etc, can try writing, painting, drawing, boxing etc each time they feel the urge to use the drug. Such activities should be engaging enough to redirect the focus of your thoughts, or concentration.

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