How to Overcome Failure. Standing Up After the Fall

A weakling is not the man that fell, but the man that stayed on the ground after falling. If life pushes you to the ground, don’t stay there brooding over your wounds because they may never heal. Rather, stand up and wipe off the dust, clean the wounds and keep going, for the journey only ends with your last breath.  Life has a way of teaching us the things we need to learn. Though sometimes the circumstances you face may be harsh, God will never let you go through what you can not handle.

If you are finding it difficult to stand after the fall, below are some simple but effective tips on how to overcome failure.

Never Give Up.

You may be just a step closer to the real deal, so never give up. Your life ends only when you die. Thus if your problems haven’t killed you yet, you are certainly stronger than you were yesterday. Your book is still open and you can either start all over by writing whatever you want in it, or continue from where you stopped.

Develop a new strategy towards achieving your goals.

If the fall was as a result of a failed business, go back to the drawing board and restrategize. It could mean redefining the objectives and setting new stratégies for meeting them. Look at the things you were not willing to do before the fall and do them without shame, so long as they don’t compromise your values.

Change Your Approach to Life.

Choose to see the good in your situation and pick up as many lessons as possible. Don’t blame anyone else for what happened irrespective of the temptation to do so. This is because nothing happens to us without our conscious or unconscious permission. Sometimes it takes just one wrong decision, to bring down the walls of an entire city. Drop your bad habits and pick up new ones. Set for your self some principles and stick to them faithfully.

Evaluate your friends.

Some failures or challenges in life come as a result of the company we keep. If God sees that your social circle is leading you in the wrong path, He will give you many chances to redirect your steps and what you’re going through could be one ofsuch chances. Thus ask yourself some honest questions…”how much value do your friends add to your life? Since you began hanging out with them, how much success have you recorded? What have you learned? etc An honest question would lead to an honest answer and you would be  left with the choice to either keep them, or let them go.

Unveil your life purpose.

Most times the reason we struggle and fail continuously is because we are walking the blind man’s path. You are not here by chance and so you have to find the reason for which you were sent  here and align it to your goals in life. The children born in every genration carry in them the skills and talents needed by that generation and as such have a mission to accomplish. Find your mission and fulfill it. Not only will it bring you motivation to get back to your feet, it will lead you even closer to your goal.

Seek Divine Direction.

Always seek the face of God in everything you do. He gave you the life you have, and He knows how you can live and be happy again. The ideas you have came from him and He knows the way to get them done. It is common to get excited over ideas and jump to executing them without asking for direction and as a result, progress may be too slow that it might discourage you and could cause you to abandon it. Or it might look so good in the beginning and suddenly crash and you start cursing. There is only one way out…, seek His face in the things you do. If you do and still can’t make it through, don’t get impatient. Rather  ask Him again for what you are missing out and He will keep directing you until you get it. Those who put their trust in Him can NEVER be disappointed because He cannot go against His word.

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