Leave Your Pain Behind and Forgive

The trauma of yesterday is like a canker worm that eats deep into your skin. It wraps round the heart like a chain and keeps a person bounded by it.

Have you been involved in something that hurt you so bad and you are unable to let go? Or something that was so disgusting or embarrassing that you are constantly shamed by the guilt of it? It might be things that happened to you or things that you did on to others.  There are just too many reasons why the past keeps stirring us in the face. However, if a scar is not treated as one, the incidence leading to the wound remains fresh in the mind leaving the scar always hurting like a fresh wound.

The only way to erase such a memory is to tap into the power of the forgiveness. You need to forgive the perpetrators of your pain or forgive yourself for the things you did to others and make amends. You’ve got to stand up for yourself and seize your life back from the hands of the thief that broke in on you because unforgiveness is like a thief that steals your peace away. Turn on the switch and the lights will make a difference you would be proud of.

Put love to action because love is the only ticket to freedom and forgiveness is an act of love. It is like a force that breaks the barricades of dirty water. Release the past and the waters it held up in you will run out and leave you feeling relieved and fresh.

Don’t hide your pain and live in shame because you would end up with a self-made enemy. It would feel like training an army to fight you. It is time to let go of the past and enjoy the part of life you are missing out on.

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